Old Pokemon Team - Day 89

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  1. I lost my step father to a brain bleed. The pressure just about flipped his brain unfortunately. I'm glad to hear she's responsive after the surgery.

  2. I attached a hose to my ac condensate line and I send to it my little goldfish pond. I dip my watering can out of my pond. The fish poop gives my plants a little mild fertilizer every time I water. The AC condensate fills the pond back up again. I get about 5 gallons of water per day that way.

  3. 5 gallons? Sheesh! That's alot of run off. Wonder how much I get

  4. I live with an A/C repair guy, he says it's safe to use. It's basically the same as condensation that you'd see on the outside of a cold drink. If there's anyone in the home that smokes inside maybe reconsider though

  5. Nah, we're a smoke free household. Excellent! I can try to set up a drip container for it then

  6. Yeah, it was so much easier when you could dupe the orb.

  7. Ya. I had to do it the normal way with a friend it was so much harder haha

  8. Our black cat does this when the light reflection from our phone hits the ceiling.

  9. Earlier today I posted that we've had 244 mass shootings. It's updated to 247 now. In 127 days.

  10. Thank you for sharing the site. I've shared this site and the other one i found via google to facebook. This is just.. horrid. on all accounts.

  11. Sometimes renting a tool for 50 bucks and saving a few hours and your back is just the better decision

  12. Tired brain read "desk". Thought it was a bit overkill

  13. I can only imagine what the inside looks like.

  14. I have to clean it out about once every other week. I remember the first time I learned about opening up and cleaning out a pc. No idea how that old thing even turned on! Told my best bud who had 2 dogs and 4 cats with a case twice as big.

  15. Have you ever considered that your cat might be trying to tell you something? I mean, let’s be real here. This contraption might very well result in your cat murdering you in your sleep.

  16. They all do their best to try to. Trip me down the stairs or smother me in my sleep. They might just up the ante

  17. General consensus: no, for reasons. Best practice is to run a test card for each new material you work with and save the results. Lightburn can auto-generate them, or there are plenty free ones online.

  18. ah ok! i was looking for the lightburn chart. I'll look into it. Thank you!

  19. Since the comments about writing utensils began, i was wondering when someone would point it out lol

  20. Grab some astroturf samples from the hardware store for the bottom!

  21. We tried to but local box stores didnt have any! so we went with green spray paint, with just a spritz of white to give it that green pasture feel

  22. Stellar job! and looks so much better as well!

  23. Too bad the old school Gameboy game's batteries are almost shot =[

  24. Porque no los dos? - little mexican girl on tv commercial

  25. Trick is, cross your eyes so the images overlap, then focus on the third image you create. The difference will sort of flicker, making them easy to see.

  26. Holy fuck my eyes. That was amazing. Thank you lol I even turned the phone 90 degrees to look that way.

  27. Comic elders? I don't think I've ever felt older in my life.

  28. Don't worry, the other 2 cloaked figures are you and SrGrafo (He's on stilts so he doesn't look so smol compared to the hulking image of HolleringElk)

  29. Giving me them good ol pon and zi vibes. I love it

  30. ah just the rep gain one that's weekly? dang. Never paid enough attention.

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