1. That's not even true, I know because I actually bothered to look it up rather than repeat something that's incorrect

  2. I had a double pick up at Jersey Mike’s last week. The order said to pick up both at 11:42 am. Delivery was 12:08 and 12:11. At noon, I was handed one bag and when I asked for the second one, the guy lost his mind. He told me that isn’t due until 12:11 and we just had a catering order for 200, so you will have to wait. He went on ranting about how stupid and pushy delivery drivers are…I told him both orders came in at the same time, the order was to be DELIVERED at 12:11, and his catering order was not my concern. I dropped the late one and left.

  3. Unless they SORAS wiley, theres no shot hes donating anything to Willow. Your need to be at least 18 to donate, your parents cant give consent for you.

  4. Not true, people conceive for the purpose of making a match for their sick kid.

  5. That was literally a plot point on Chicago Med. It's not the real world.

  6. Apparently you haven’t lived long enough to speak intelligently on the subject. I don’t get my news from Chicago Med. Anissa Ayala…look it up.

  7. Today, I’m thinking that Brando was killed to get to Sasha’s money/stock. Then an attempt was made on Diane to keep the legal matter in limbo. I’m thinking Ms. Woo. This makes Ava’s attack the red herring.

  8. Seeing a woman riding a motorcycle is like seeing a unicorn for some people. I don't get the fascination but some guys definitely take it to a whole creepy level.

  9. S Club is super dangerous for me to go into alone. Without hubby I've been known to go in for a roasted chicken and spend 500 bucks. Lol. So I don't have the hassle of dragging the items around or the temptation of buying the store. I've tried pick up but that ended with my leaving everything in the trunk until he got home. Ran out of dog food so I cut a hole in the bag. I'm not supposed to be lifting things up that heavy. I kinda looked at the bag and nopped out. He didn't find it as funny as I did and said next time just have stuff delivered where it can stay on the porch if need be

  10. We buy 55# bags of Dog Chow. I used to be able to manage them, but just can’t do it anymore, so hubs buys them 2-3 at a time. When he’s out of town, I buy a small bag to get me through. Three Rottweilers = 3# kibble a day. I would never expect anyone to haul that shit for me unless he was married to me.

  11. Curtis is turning into a Judgey Wudgey, holier than thou, busy body, that doesn’t respect boundaries. He needs to look at himself before casting judgement on the women in his life.

  12. They are all in relationships because they are able to be in them.

  13. My husband was a great surprise to me. I had never married. I never had kids (never really wanted any). I was months from my 40th birthday and feeling totally irrelevant as a middle aged woman. My dog had just died and I was miserable. I started spending my after work time cleaning up the back yard. You know, mindless, physical labor. Then, I noticed HIM, the most handsome Rottweiler I had ever seen. He came attached to a 33 y/o single dad of two. They had just moved into the house next door. I contorted myself into the complicated puzzle that was his life. I have no regrets 19 years later. If I found the right one, anyone can.

  14. Haha, I'm graduating from ACC this semester and I haven't made any friends because I'm older than everyone and all the other biology majors don't give a shit about science, they just want a job where they get to wear scrubs. I'm hopeful that I'll finally meet some likemided people at Texas State, because why would a pre-meds take herpetology?

  15. I could use you right this minute! A baby 🦎 just startled me in my restroom. I know he has nothing to eat in here…He needs a relocation, lol.

  16. I think the writers will end up pulling a serial killer out of their collective ass, like a Paul Hornsby. It’s probably time to bring back Jerry Jacks and some convoluted revenge story.

  17. Yeah, that's about what we spend for me AND spouse.

  18. Same here, but that does not include the amount spent on lunches at work. Also, we don’t eat breakfast, except for the occasional dinner. Our meal total including weekly pizza delivery /fast food is more like $850 for two. We’re lucky we don’t have a Starbucks addiction. I gave that up after living through 2008 in the Bay Area. I admit, we could tighten it up quite a bit, but I just don’t cook as often as I should.

  19. I had a year where I had a bumper crop of tomatoes. Everyone I encountered got some. People who grow their own food think others like it, too. I’ll bet that zucchini is the best you’ve ever tasted.

  20. It would be nice if legitimately disabled people had a e-placard, like for cars, so that they could be properly identified and given service, accordingly. IC, Walmart, DD, GH…should subsidize deliveries for the elderly and infirm. If they incentivized these deliveries with some sort of monthly perk, more drivers would happily volunteer to deliver these non-tipped orders on a ratio basis.

  21. Geckos are good luck. They eat up any bugs that also come in through that gap. Fix your damn gap!

  22. I'm glad KXAN specified an underground tunnel. I hate it when they build one of those above-ground tunnels.

  23. Thank goodness! My vet told me my dog needs to go on a diet. I had excuses, but I felt the most valid was OUR lack of outdoor activity for the five months of unrelenting heat. We can start that walking program again!

  24. At least go the speed limit. We got there to the same red light, right? That’s because we missed the light because you aren’t even traveling close to the speed limit. Then, when it turns green, you have to stop and think about pulling forward. No self awareness.

  25. Are you high? The entire line of cars is going the same speed. I can’t go the speed limit because the guy ahead of me is not going the speed limit because the guy ahead of him.

  26. my AC is broken but I’m too broke to fix it

  27. I hear that! My compressor went out at the beginning of summer and it was $1700 to repair. I’m lucky I have my sugar daddy husband.

  28. Just got my car back today. Compressor went out. $1700. Guess that’s the magic number. If I wasn’t doing instacart I could care less but sitting in a hot car in Florida for hours - I will pass.

  29. I’m in Texas and right after I fixed it, we had 60 days in a row of 100 plus heat. There was no way I could tolerate that. It wasn’t just me, my phone was freaking out in the heat. iPhones overheat.

  30. If I were to add bread to a stew (there's already 'taters, you don't need 'em really) I think I'd go for some really dark, hearty bread instead. Something nice 'n chewy to just dunk in the stew.

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