Hamilton's thoughts on the US abortion ruling

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  1. Awesome! Looks like she’s playing hop scotch on asteroids.

  2. Yep. Did natural springs and skydiving. Amazing. Smells like sulfur though.

  3. Did you have brake pads before this brake job?

  4. Gasly Tsunoda much closer than I would have guessed at the beginning of the year.

  5. It’s definitely frustrating. I wish we could look at the actual data between 2016 (when the taproom law was implemented) and 2019 (pre-pandemic). Liquor licenses are assets on a balance sheet that can be sold for a loss or a gain. I would bet liquor licenses INCREASED in value over this time proving that breweries are NOT in direct competition to bars/restaurants. I wish we had the data to look at. I’m sure the state has it but who knows if they’ve dug in.

  6. To use his status and fame for fighting for peoples rights…he’s a hero we don’t deserve.

  7. The A5 coupe is sorta unique (especially among its German competitors) in that it has genuinely usable backseats, which lend itself to the Sportback design. It's kinda old-school in that way. That said, I much prefer the Sportback, not only because it has 2 additional doors, but it's also a hatch. I assumed for a long time that the regular A5 was also a hatchback, but nah.

  8. Agreed! I’ve an A5 coupe 2015 and my 6 n 9 YOs fit fine in the back!

  9. Not a trace I’d like to look up activity including auth objects for a group of users.

  10. This is an addon tool or something within sap?

  11. Try moving seat all way up to dash, lowering headrest and reclining seat?

  12. Check the bleeder valves. Mine got loose once almost killed me.

  13. I no longer live in NJ, so take this with a grain of salt, but I haven't even heard of half of these (that could be a good or bad thing depending on your perspective lol).

  14. I’ll admit I was getting a bit depressed we (Eight & Sand) weren’t mentioned on the thread at all so can’t thank you enough for the love!

  15. Big fan of their beers. Back to Reality is my fav. Also Hammonton has so much to offer even though its far for me definitely worth the trip.

  16. Haha yes exactly. And do you think he’s more into still pieces or portraits?

  17. I noticed (I think) in both Bad Batch and Book of Boba he waits for his opponents to draw first. Either out of honor or because he knows he’s that good. Am I seeing that correctly and if so does he always wait?

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