1. Koco is the realest bitch in the room, crown it, I don’t care if she’s in the bottom every episode between now and the finale, she embodies Dragula to her bones and I am so sick of the way these other hoes have conducted themselves all season- she deserves $100,000 just for putting up with this shit

  2. being in a room with hoso/abhora/astrud and hoso's boyfriend should be a fight feat challenge

  3. thankfully it's a remake, and not them making there own story. All they have to do is remake the game with the same dialogue and story and nothing changes.

  4. It's actually gotten even worse - people are starting to claim Homecoming is a good game!

  5. nobody is claiming homecoming is a good game, The best homecoming gets is "It's okay and has good elements"

  6. I feel like “not like” is too mild of a statement lol - people were writing whole paragraphs about how her cursing “wasn’t attractive,” it was all very odd

  7. I'm sorry, if a giant bow with a rocket launcher was chasing you i'm pretty sure half these people would be screaming fuck as well

  8. I meant pretty sure LOL, hey I'm not sure if I'm that pretty either but I'm prettier then nemesis

  9. I actually find this to be really sad cringe, someone book her

  10. Crazy to see this knowing Just How much actual artistry asia brings into her drag while cracker... Uhhhhh

  11. girl can't even learn a 5th move, it's the same 4 dance moves over and over in different rotations.


  13. Saying teen titans has no plot but ttg does is just woooooof

  14. Why is anita being a cleptomaniac my favorite australian storyline

  15. Supreme looked like a collectors barbie. If i were in brick’s shoes I would feel horrible for myself sitting next to her.

  16. CW destroyed everything I loved about this channel Superman and Lois is probably next.

  17. I didn't actually realize how scary Mirakuru is as a drug, rick barely had any time to unwind before he had such horrific side effects

  18. Are there cinematographers who are really good at shooting/lighting actors of different skin tones in the same scene? Or great examples of this? I’ve read somewhere that filmmakers prefer to shoot either mostly white or mostly melanated casts due to the technical difficulty of filming a variety of skin tones.

  19. here's your bread joke, put two slices of bread on top of your ears and say i'm an idiot sandwich

  20. Can you imagine how iconic it would be if the wig hit Mariah and she punched venus in the middle of the lipsync

  21. I know right wing anti LGBT will use this as "see the gays are predators!" When so many teen dramas are student/teacher heteros. Pretty little liars, gossip girl, it goes on and on. But you have the power dynamic be between two men it's going to be weaponized for the anti.

  22. Honestly, just make bernard fall for him after working with tim because he feels like he's an intellectual equal and saving him from the snake, ya know?

  23. I kinda just don't like BernardxTim in the comics because of how the relationship occured which put an extremely bad taste in my mouth. Randomly throwing away stephanie away like she's nothing so tim can randomly date a guy makes bisexual men look really bad and then the author made things worse by making stephanie be like "Omg tim is dis ur boifriend, omg ur mah new gay shopping besttieeeeeee" after a lot of comics of just weird silence and them ignoring each other.

  24. Yes, but I wasn’t on the clock. I honestly should have known better, but she is very difficult to say no to. Like… this one time she threatened to pull the fire alarm at the crew hotel because her suitcase wasn’t in her room yet. This example came later, but it’s the first example I could think of. Trust me though, You don’t want to see that side of her. But at that point, I was one of the few people that seemed to be able to appease her. So she was only very lovely to me, and I wanted to keep it that way.

  25. Honestly , it's still something you should tell hr. HBO is a huge company and maybe in the mean time they can transfer you to another show where you can work as crew.

  26. True, but OP included the universes in the title

  27. Why the fuck did I get down voted so hard for pointing that out?

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