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  • By - dtr99

  1. Nice! I only have 2 areas 100%. I was too busy focusing rapport on NPCS that give virtue potions so I need lots of rapport for 100% adventures tomes.

  2. Yeah the rapport is a real killer lots of hold spent on blue crystals to then buy weekly rapport chests

  3. Not sure why anyone thinks its not going to go to 1500+ like it is in Korea.

  4. What you have to consider is it hit that value while being out for like 3 years. Our bot problem is so bad we are going to hit the same value in a matter of weeks and that's not normal.

  5. I wouldn't be surprised if this is correct, there are a lot of people who are stuck 1- 5 upgrades away from T3 but keep failing their upgrades. I'm one of them I have 4 upgrades left and have failed 50 odd times in T2 already.

  6. This was me a few days ago all I needed was 1 upgrade but kept failing, once I finally hit that upgrade I went from 600 to 1005 in that evening.

  7. It's got many names but I know it as a meathead bounce easily replicated and can be used to trick the server allowing you to get up on top of buildings you shouldn't. In your case just unfortunate glitch.

  8. I've seen people do this before but I've never seen them take the fall damage. Usually you just come back down and the game thinks you never went into the sky.

  9. It's possible he clipped the roof's hitbox on the way up therefore took damage when he came down but I can't be sure about that.

  10. I'm using this as i don't want to guess what's best move. Math is math.

  11. I'm going to have to give this a try.

  12. This is only part of a video frequently posted in subs the past few weeks. The whole video is

  13. It's strange to me that this video gets posted here so often knowing how the rest of it plays out. I can only imagine a lot of reposters refuse to do any background info on the video's they post.

  14. You guys are out here posting 18-20k ques, what amount of playing have you done? That you can’t start over? Have people even logged in to move stuff out of their product inventory? People will definitely move.

  15. As an example for me I have a gear score 600 Wardancer and two characters at GS 400 being Artillerist and Sharpshooter. I picked Zinnervale way before all the streamers joined and made the server go from reasonable to 20k queues even in the morning on a school/work day. It's crazy how big the queues get but I'm far into the game and restarting would definitely take away from my experience as I've got fairly lucky with some of my drops throughout the game. If I could switch server and take all my stuff with me I would.

  16. My character name is Champion so I either use Beautiful or Gorgeous as my title so I can be a beautiful/gorgeous champion.

  17. I can see why people are upset but this is absolutely the right decision, on the server I play early afternoon the queue sometimes gets up into the 10k+ range with an influx of new players being able to join that server would make it unplayable or once you do get in promote the use of third party to skip afk checks.

  18. Have this problem with Zinnervale, I picked it weeks ago it was a less busy server than all the others and on prelease I was in instantly so just started to grind. Only the next day did I realise a bunch of streamers had decided to go Zinner and tell all their viewers to come too and so now the queues for Zinner are so high you cannot play in the evening unless you've logged on mid day in preparation and even then you'll get kicked for afk. It's too late to switch because my packs and all claimed there and so are my power passes.

  19. This isn't a glitch it's how the map is made, the bounce pad only adds extra bounce to a ball that was going to land on it. Rolling the ball over that area won't do anything to the ball because it isn't bouncing on it. Pinching off the ceiling or side wall to get the ball to roll down fast is a legitimate tactic in scoring in Volleyball.

  20. The quickest way to alert the entire sever to your location.

  21. Wow it's been 2 years. It still works not sure what version of reddit you are using but on mobile the animation can only be seen when clicking on a profile from a comment but not on the users profile page, on PC you can see the animation for pfp and banner all the time including on the profile page, comments etc.

  22. After seeing the sheer amount of people who want to play Paladin solely because of the founder pack skin, It almost makes me a little sad because they will make their game experience worse playing a character that probably doesn't suit their play style simply for a cool looking cosmetic.

  23. I burn snipers who keep running away from me, when I finally catch up to them and kill them even if their teammates are dead I will burn them and snap a screenshot to add to my "dead snipers" bank. Bonus points if it's a Cain.

  24. Hoops was my favourite almost hit GC but ended up hitting GC in the other game modes instead. Why they would just remove the whole game mode makes no sense to me.

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