1. I bought mine directly from cpap.com, not a DME, and I just got an email today saying they needed me to log into the DreamMapper app so they could sync my prescription, and call them to give my shipping address.

  2. I got the same email, also bought mine from a 3rd party seller, I was just able to hook up my machine to the app and upload the info, also called my doc and asked them to send a script. I hope this works kind of wanting a new machine. the replacement one I bought is kind if garbage

  3. you definitly need doctors to check it out, im 48 morbidly obese and just recently suffered persistent afib. they had to fix me with cardioversion, basicly they put you to sleep then shock you with the stroke paddles since then for the most part heart has been fine but my dumb ignorant ass wont change my ways. I know its about dieting but i really cant eat healthy foods they just taste different to me. But yeah let a cardiologist decide what best actions you need and if you can work on weight lost. I know before weight losss surgery you usually need to lose a bunch of weight on your own first. So good luck

  4. Try it. I can guarantee that you will be going to the hospital if you try that

  5. You are not the only one who is armed. And our security would take care of that situation anyway before you even had a chance to get anywhere

  6. ok and that 600 or 500 lbs is gross vehicle weight, not axke weight. example drive axle at 34,600 is a ticket still, gross weight at 80, 600 is not a ticket

  7. That's why many new trucks with APU's come configured with steer axles rated for the extra weight. That's where the extra weight needs to go. Single axle weight limit is 20,000 pounds. If you have an APU then check your steer axle weight rating which should be located on the driver's door jam. Also check the weight rating of your steer tires.

  8. truck smarter app is free , find loads with broker numbers on them call directly. Emailing is definitely slow but they seem to prefer that. the other problem is spot market is pretty dried up right now

  9. last company I was at gave out company swag, cups, shirts etc... and cooked food everyday. But yeah typically I be by at the end of the day when it's all gone but still got the swag. .... This week I became my own boss so I just appreciate myself.

  10. Hear hear! I don’t need some lallygagging office jockey to pat my back.

  11. so this is goofy, tried onboarding with tql and in there application they ask u for your factoring info I filled thar out then they asked for quick pay info, what up with that?..

  12. I slow down to 40 mph in those zones to make sure I piss people off even more

  13. I'm fine with that it's the damn ones that can't slow cause there trucks only do 65

  14. Get in that right lane bro if they wanna run let them run in the fast lane. It's not your ticket man.

  15. I mean I cook in the truck with hot plate or microwave and meats in a fry pan get pretty smokey in here, a smoker be a terrible idea, just get u an instant pot, them make good ribs

  16. Half the drivers out here will still have a bigger belly then you in 9 months 🤣 congrats on the kid

  17. I'm on the fence about this, it will take something like am extra 500,00 trucks to cover the railroad freight, there already enough idiots out here on the road. And what about all the container trucking companies, they will probably feel the effects even worse

  18. Try to get away from the mindset of it cost this much per mile and I make this much per mile. It’s better to look at it cost this much to run this load and this much to clear my overhead. I need to make x amount of dollars. Also look at very short runs of less than 300 miles. They pay very well and sometimes you can fit two in a day.

  19. yeah I've looked into shorties but I live near Chicago and I ain't fighting in traffic or over freight there all day long

  20. Might look at the I35 lane. Chicago-KC-Dallas should have some great freight.

  21. every lane out of Chicago currently average 2.50 a mile, but yeah I'm gonna open up my running lanes. Last 10 years have mostly stayed midwest. but I'm just tired of Chicago

  22. Ltl work is awesome if you're not working for a shit company lol

  23. ltl work around me is shitty daycab trucks, no thanks ill keep my house...

  24. it's actually the design of those shitty key pads, they just wear down over the years

  25. first mistake is bringing your brain..... but if you living there for a few weeks pack like it's a vacation

  26. No, there is no fix to cleaning your dpf system other than taking it in. This has been the bane of the industry because of how much these damn filters cost and how short their lifespan is.

  27. I mean shit ton of products out there, I just got the truck and it seems to need to burn every 12 hours or so, of course I just been sitting all weekend so hopefully that's the reason but it has 526000 on it so who knows. But yes I know how miserable this dpf crap is had a truck last year that had to wait for the sensor bs

  28. probably business research S corp or not etc how to onboard with brokers cause that's a learning experience and probably how to book loads

  29. I just see o/o as the end goal in trucking. I've always dreamed of owning my own business, I wanted to start a karate school as a teenager, open a security firm as a young adult, etc. This is the first time I've ever had a job I truly enjoy, and I'd like to try and be as successful as possible.

  30. I'm finally full blown book my own loads owner op. As long as truck don't break I should make decent money. My friend been at it abt 3vyears now and he only paying himself about 50 cents a mile after everything. I'm hoping cause this truck getting better fuel mileage that I should be able to pocket 75 cents a mile. I mean I was making that as a company driver. But companies won't think out of the box and run ya different lanes etc and I'm just tired of dispatchers running my life.

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