1. ill never understand people who get this bothered by fictional characters

  2. I don't speak Spanish or arabic, but knowing muslim used to rule over spain sharing language between arabic and spanish is make sense.

  3. I don't know. Ever since quick np caster being added i no longer have any ammunition to attack.

  4. More unpopular opinion: "the hell this should be inside the series instead of cutted seperated dlc."

  5. It's exposition dump. Geats like to do exposition dump with eating scene.

  6. Heard a lot of praise for geats and wanted to dive in as my first kamen rider show, but if there are better ones, what would those be? What should I watch instead?

  7. I didn't know, i started kamen rider before i even join any tokusatsu forum.

  8. Then there's Reiwa Ultraman leaking entire productions & story even before trademarks dropped.

  9. I mean in the battle between people who can stop time and people who can't.

  10. I think Kekera satire those fans perfectly (wanted the plot to kill of Sara so Keiwa can rise up above the pain to be a "true hero" or whatever it means)

  11. Wait, here i thought it start because of the revice collab when they reveal keiwa's demon thing.

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