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  1. Lock your doors and don't answer any phone calls

  2. You’ll get insane energy back & confidence

  3. It's just memes, why should anyone even care lmao

  4. That looks even worse than all the BBBY TA

  5. Man I still feel salty about paper handing my $400 weekly spy calls on yesterday’s dump and flipping to puts just to get ass raped today 😭😭😭

  6. Volume increasing again πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

  7. How is the +2% premarket so stable goddamn

  8. Model Lambo for me, but a Lambo nonetheless 🀣

  9. Imma simplify it a little for yall -> bull no gae

  10. I'm conflicted. On one hand I wanna believe u and on the other hand you basically said u suck at investing :12787:

  11. My head is spinning that this is only a 1 yo WSB account. Usually anyone not here pre-gape would not be capable of this level of DD.

  12. Hey guys, just wanted to ask why is there no FTD info since August 12th? Does it refresh like once a month or smtn?

  13. The bear DD is getting more and more regarded fr

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