1. Bill Gates stopped being CEO of Microsoft in 2006 but somehow this is his fault.

  2. It's nearly February, it's time to take down the Christmas decorations you drunk lazy pill-popper

  3. I think that's good. There aren't a lot of leftist gaming spaces and gaming has generally been polluted by reactionaries.

  4. Twitter account FancyHazmatSuit has existed since July 2020 and it's only tweeted when it was first created and now. That is to say it went two and a half years without tweeting. Does anyone know if Quartering was also banned on his main back around July 27 2020?

  5. Basically this supposed laptop had usernames and passwords stored on it, and so they used the usernames and passwords to access all his other accounts.

  6. Why bring this up unless you're looking to lick police boots though? "No fan of the Thin Blue Line" is either a flat-out lie or you need some time for self-reflection.

  7. I know a cop who got into a car accident because his partner was driving erratically. He had medical bills from the accident so he reported his partner. Then he was laid off a few months later, almost definitely because he reported his partner.

  8. /uj I just read an article on Fox about this. The first half was an explanation of what it means and how it won't negatively impact user experience at all. The second half was a summary of the vitriolic and illogical reactions to it, without any explanation as to why this is a bad thing. The article seemed to favor the latter.

  9. Yep same thing happened on air. First they explained it, then they went off into conspiracy land about how it might be bad.

  10. He speaks their language and he knows their memes. If Elon isn't one of them, he still sits at the same table.

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