1. He didn’t, Zeri had a good nibble but their mom got most of it in the end lol.

  2. So many fluffy babies in your place! I’m curious, are you a GP breeder?

  3. I’m am yeah. My girls only litter once per year each though, and this was a very unexpected litter, their mom came to me pregnant and she gave birth on the day she was 13 weeks old, which is partly why they’re so tiny. I have enough girls so that my male doesn’t ever have to be alone but obviously Jinx arriving pregnant has altered things a bit, so my boy Ammos is living with his baby boy Jasper for a while to give the girls and me time to sort ourselves out!

  4. They’re so SMOL !! So Adorable !

  5. I had a boar called Bernie, he was a rescue living with a group of adult boars when I had him, his ears were all stressed too. It’s a shame they don’t heal

  6. I have similar outdoor cage and I have a question. Can a guinea pig squeeze through these spaces?

  7. Only if their head can get through, I have to be careful of the babies not getting out

  8. With the shadow behind he looked more like a squirrel at first glance! So handsome though.

  9. Weirdly the Guinea pig behind him was called Squirrel 😂

  10. Got told I am being trained at work after asking them to uptrain me for 6 years. I’m a happy bunny!

  11. Ask yourself - can I see myself with this person in 12 months time? If no then ask, how will I feel next week if we are not together? Try to get out of the here and now, put your logical part of your brain in charge.

  12. Being satin isn’t fatal, it’s just a hair type, as long as he’s from good lines there’s nothing to worry about.

  13. thank you so much that is good to know! when i had adopted him, he had been one of the babies of a mom that got rescued from an irresponsible owner/breeder, so that had been another reason why i thought he might of been a satin . although he is also almost 3 years old now and is still acting like himself from when he was a baby so i think he is all good:) it sucks that people are irresponsible like that, the poor piggies☹️

  14. He should be fine if he’s three, he’s past that critical stage. I used to breed satins but I made sure all my adults were from good lines. I did have a rescue satin once, sadly she did have OD and she passed away at about 2 years old we think (although we didn’t know exactly how old she was). I obviously wasn’t breeding with her though.

  15. Remember it’s a 6 week wait after the op - it will be worth it though my man!

  16. Literally put my boy with the ladies on 14th, your boy is going to be over the moon!!

  17. Cucumber or courgette is nice and soft for babies at this stage, try that. Move onto more solid stuff as he grows, like algae pellets. If you have any actual algae he would benefit from that too.

  18. Is it bad that my first though with Twilight was how Edward’s sensitive brother Jasper copes at school when at least one of the human girls must be having her period on any given school day?

  19. The Pie Factory in the Black Country serve their Mick’s Grill on a spade.

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