1. p4di says:

    Mongolia is virtually impossible for NATO to defend

  2. At that point, it’s like we started a new U.N., but without Russia.

  3. Even a rat knows when it's being hunted...

  4. C'mon now. Rats are actually intelligent and kind animals. Comparing them to putin is an insult to rats.

  5. Mea culpa, rats are our friends.... yada, yada, yada.....

  6. Hope they nail her ass and then I want a turn

  7. This video is a more accurate representation of the person, the one wearing pink.

  8. She's betting people's love for dogs will completely support her and prevent consequences from the general public from her open call for assassination.

  9. He shouldn't even be in office. He's been under indictment since 2015. He's been able to delay justice. He is the ringleader AG behind the Supreme Court attempt to overturn the election, as well. This guy is a criminal, a fascist and a traitor. Read all about him here. There is nothing good I can find about this man, whatsoever.

  10. Very recently. He should never have been in office due to the securities fraud.

  11. He should have been in prison a couple of decades before he ran for office, IMHO.

  12. You're supposed to untwist the thong before wearing it.

  13. You're supposed to untwist the thong before wearing it.

  14. You're supposed to untwist the thong before wearing it.

  15. I was speaking about how he's so narcissistic that accepting a pardon would be equivalent to him apologizing

  16. He would take any pardon and then he spin it so it seemed liked he was being persecuted and it was his only option. Trump is a psychopath, he could never admit he is wrong and could never sincerely apologize for anything.

  17. He would spin it as "They knew I was innocent and that is why they pardoned me. Now elect me God-emperor or else I'm gonna do the same things again"

  18. Yes, some illogical bullshit, that's all we can expect from the mango Mussolini.

  19. I love the smell of fake Russian indignation in the morning...

  20. The only response that treats the question the way it deserves to be treated

  21. People say Graham has gay sex with underage boys. I'm not saying that but people are. It's just what I've heard.

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