1. Sincerely appreciate your update. What happens if they can't find a 'target' acquisition company? I have a lot of warrants..so will the investor funds be returned?

  2. If no deal is done; kinda like a call option that expired worthless. For what it's worth, these guys are on an extension already...

  3. "On March 4, 2022, SCVX Corp. (the “Company”) received notice from the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”) that it will be delisted following market close on Tuesday, March 8, 2022, in accordance with NYSE’s continued listing standard under Rule 802.01 of NYSE’s Listed Company Manual, which requires acquisition companies to have an average aggregate global market capitalization of at least $50,000,000 and an average aggregate global market capitalization of $40,000,000 attributable to publicly-held shares, in each case over 30 consecutive trading days.

  4. So, it's a miracle if they're not delisted? I don't see what option they're going to find and be transferred to in 24 hours. Are there any?

  5. It's actually a favorite in the daily discussion, a lot of us have been buying the warrants for weeks. But i agree that mainstream hasn't really seen its full potential. Thanks for the write-up

  6. I guess "nothing" is not a fair statement. It's just oddly undercovered. Someone, at DA, did a 2 part write-up on it and deleted it the same day. I wish it hadn't been; would love to see it as only made it through 10% at posting

  7. Those 2 posts were reactivated by the author after my post went live. Out there now for some additional info.

  8. Mining is already unprofitable unless you have access to very powerful hardware and very cheap energy. And this guys seem to have both things secured. Read their investor presentation. They have an agreement to purchase next-gen miners and another agreement to buy energy at less than $0.025 the kilowatt. Their cost to produce a Bitcoin is $6000 ... the cheapest of all the public miners ... so as long as BTC doesn't drop below that they will be profitable. On top of that they promise to only buy energy from carbon neutral sources.

  9. Finally, a reasonable voice. Look, I get speculation on decks for these DAs; it's healthy and warranted given how these things have gone down on other deals. However, some of it just turns into nonsense of people talking out of their asses. End of the day, it's more comical when they talk shit on these deals than FOMO in at $20 later when someone like ARK buys in. Then post a pump.

  10. That's it, I don't see how this business model is sustainable long term.

  11. “Blockchain.com CFO Macrina Kgil also explained at the time that the company held BTC and ETH on its balance sheet.”

  12. ADEX was supposed to focus on online education... how is this related

  13. lots of SPACs change direction based on opportunity.

  14. What’s not mentioned is, puts are also bought as an insurance policy. With the stock up massively, instead of selling and getting crushed with short term gains, to offset potential downside risk, puts are acquired. I’m not saying it’s going up or down, not the point. I am trying to offer an alternative on ‘the why’ as people here read things, panic sell/buy, and then wonder why they got their ass handed to them. Sure, some are betting it drops on earnings. Some are also buying calls it goes up. But with the stock up double, there are likely a lot more people in the camp of needing to hedge the downside risk.

  15. of course, it just seemed interesting that alot more puts were purchased by a huge margin...

  16. For sure. All data is good data. I have large position in LCID. I also just picked up puts for the same reason on Friday. I don’t know how to read this earnings. The main downside risk I gotta think is they missed deliveries. But even if they did, is that really a big deal? It’s had a big run, so who knows. People may be holding through earnings for some larger announcement and sell if it didn’t happen; dunno.

  17. The need is real. I regularly go into 7-11 for this. Selfishly wish there was an IOS version.

  18. Taiwan has an estimated 14 million-plus registered scooters; the population is about 24M. With TSMC in Taiwan, if you’re gonna build a scooter company, Taiwan is the place to do it.

  19. which source you use? I checked at tradingview and Spactrack, both indicating a Unit comes with 1 whole warrant and the warrants are with 2:1 ratio

  20. I pulled up the 10k from SEC.gov. What I pasted was from their April 1, 2021 filing. Page 3 in the table of contents. Item 5.

  21. I do see it in the “Title of Each Class” Section on the 8k. Now I'm confused by the 10k.

  22. The could rock. The margins are solid. As is the revenue.

  23. valuation isnt great, TAM seems extremly low compared to market cap.

  24. Global law enforcement? Check the slides. $12.3B TAM and they own the market. I’d say it’s pretty f’ing large actually.

  25. It’s for the press release. Standard. This looks decent. Their team in SF is solid.

  26. Liquidity is low on both warrants and units. You can't buy more than a few hundred units without moving it up or down a few %

  27. If you watch throughout the day, you can pick up some larger lots and not move much.

  28. This is by far my largest SPAC holding. Solid team.

  29. Nice on the calls. Already starting to move a little.

  30. I don’t think people actually look at the numbers. Bought warrants. This one will wake up when people do.

  31. Yeah, was kind of baffled by that too .... But that'll be quite a huge PIPE .... Let's see how that turns out for the shareholders of ftcv

  32. Yea. It’s making me think twice about some of the smaller funds. Take DLCA as an example; the fund’s site is deeplakecapital.com. These guys have a killer team with payment processing backgrounds; all of them. I was wondering if they could get a big whale and PIPE it. Think if a Stripe wanted to SPAC and not direct list or IPO... why go with an Ackman type play if you don’t need the cash? Do a solid team and primarily PIPE it. In doing so, it kicks a lot of the volatility out if you get retail out of the picture and only a minority holder... and then just put restrictions on dumping with the PIPE as the majority

  33. Don't wanna crash your party BTAQ guys, but if the valuation of 10B is correct, I doubt it to be BTAQ, as 300m trust in my opinion is too low.

  34. FTCV, who they went with, I believe is a $250M fund. This does flip things a bit as that’s a huge valuation with a very small fund. Does make it harder to predict stuff. If it’s a good target, they can just backfill with PIPE.

  35. Yea, this is potentially why it’s not IPOF. It’s pretty easy to assume Chamath was fighting for the deal for IPOF. Let’s assume Branson and team chose a different SPAC.... Chamath was butt hurt and dumped SPCE.... or, essentially took his bat and ball and went home.

  36. “Under consideration as one of the partners”. They float (intentionally leak) this stuff for mainly one reason; gauge investor interest. In the case of CCIV, dropping the rumor gave Lucid huge leverage to jack up the valuation before they signed. If this deal goes the opposite direction, and investors hate it now or even at LOI, chances are they will kill it.

  37. TWND reminds me of the muted reaction to APXT. There were 3 days before investors actually understood that APXT is a legitimate company being offered a decent valuation. Worse case, its JIH-esque that slowly melts up. Happy to have gotten in at 10.4 AH.

  38. I have a decent position in the commons and have no intention to sell. I do agree, people will take time to warm up (and actually get what they do). The deck is decent, however, I went through a lot of the YouTube content with the founders and got more info/understanding from that journey. The product is solid, they have revenues and valuation (as opposed to other recent deals) is good IMO. I’m already nearing the cap I allocate to invest per SPAC with TWND, however, considering even adding if it stays under $11/12 for a few days and I can rotate out of other plays in time.

  39. The target sells beef jerky in a heated SPAC environment. And the product reviews on Amazon, etc are poor. Not every pick, just because it’s a SPAC, is a good one.

  40. It has a stacked team, I like the packaging of the product and the reviews are 4 stars avg it's a speciality south african jerky biltong. They are expanding into other food categories and their revenue growth is looking impressive they launch in target and other stores this year as well rapidly expanding I figure $1 warrants are worth a gamble not every spac has to be a home run but if warrants get to $2 I'll be happy and exit.

  41. The investor deck was decent. And agree on the team. There’s just many SPACs popping now, either new or LOIing, it’s a limited attention span for a target not ultra compelling.

  42. This is a real sleeper. Long term holder here.

  43. Extension vote was yesterday. Low redemption I believe.

  44. I agree. I also think the quality of companies SPAC’ing has changed the game. Teams (with solid management) are now landing stuff I want to own long term. There will still be garbage SPACs with questionable targets just to get a deal done, but those will become less and less. I think this will be due to people (you and me) more often picking teams with past success. A few teams will rise to the top with sequel parts 2, 3... Thiel, Ackman, Chamath with IPO A-Z, etc. They will be the blue chips. Less risk; potentially less reward (warrants dry up, etc). And if you want to take a NAV risk on a new or unproven team, roll the dice with their offering that still has 1:1 warrants and 1/10th rights.

  45. Wow. Well, I was planning to sell today anyway... It had a nice run-up and time to move on to some other SPACs. Great DD. If this has weight, I gotta think the sponsor would back out and change direction. We've seen this happen before for a variety of reasons with other SPACs. But we've also seen SPACs make it through the merger with trucks that roll downhill.

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