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  1. It's abbreviations for Dr. Pepper. Wife called it that and I hated it. I now call it that and my friends hate it. They call it that now.

  2. How do you find the time to clean your car each and every day? Genuinely asking.

  3. Looks like "Officer" Daniel Sanchez is a fucking coward with a superiority complex.

  4. Grab one of each, cellar them properly, and open them on xmas next year. You’ll thank yourself.

  5. I still one from like 2016 or something - OLD… is it still drinkable? Also it might be from that bad batch lol

  6. These days you can just buy it in a year. The sale of these beers has dropped off dramatically.

  7. No, you said you got a warning and also didn't get a warning.. that's what they are pointing out.

  8. I think you just need to clarify you Did NOT get a warning just straight to suspension.

  9. Hellsing is in another league above blood. Also, IMO, the monogatari series and Castlevania (if you count it) are also better.

  10. I swear, 90% of the posts on this sub are reposts that sound more and more like bots.

  11. How did you get you softtoper bed rails to keep from tilting down at the center point?

  12. Saiyan. Not only will I be the strongest, I get to stay physically young for the majority of my life.

  13. Does it have a tail?? I've never seen a troll worth a tail.

  14. in your family, but anyone ive met in the midwest calls it a Controller

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