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  1. Makes the Pixel 6A seem like an even better deal than it seemed before.

  2. Motionarray.com has a lot of templates and transitions that push Premiere pretty far.

  3. There are still gangs fighting about weed? Who's buying shitty weed from sketchy people nowadays when you can openly grow it or walk into a shop and buy it?

  4. It bothers me to no end that her name is all over Tony Boler Courts (bball courts at Cobbs Hill). She's named on the posted rules in addition to the metal dedication plaque. The latter will never change despite her admitted illegal misappropriation of funds and her general anti-Rochester behavior.

  5. Battery operated angle grinders are not very expensive

  6. Let it ride with contract #1. Don't want to lose the fish right off the hook.

  7. Nah I'm not really much concerned about losing the client. Rather a little concerned about him getting abducted by aliens and leaving the job idle forever. Also, I need a review before the next update. My JSS went from 96 to 83 after I closed two contracts without any earnings lmao, and I need to recover asap because my TR eligible weeks are going down.

  8. I'm a client in this case (I have an youtube channel and I'm a video editor myself) and I'm searching for a second video editor to help me. Also I'm intending to post a job for video editor.

  9. I will to post the job next week. I'm curious who will apply.

  10. Well… yeah. Just like in real life. Your reputation is also at risk with google reviews. I don’t get your comment. Lawyers do charge a fair amount of money per hour, so what?

  11. You make a fair point. If it were me though, I'd want one phone call or Zoom prior to starting a contract at that hourly rate. I'm 100+ contracts into my UpWork journey and at no point has extra communication created issues.

  12. Except that lawyers don’t do that for free. You pay every single minute so your reasoning doesn’t apply here. Have you ever dealt with lawyers? I don’t think you have.

  13. Custom preset all the settings you want! Also if you aren’t already, make sure to check maximum render quality and render at maximum depth (to add to the custom preset). There is a save preset button to the right of the preset tab. EDIT: okay don't check those boxes - got inaccurate information from several teachers that said to do it, but turns out they were wrong xD

  14. Can I ask why you're suggesting the maxes? It's my understanding, and past experience, that these aren't perceptible to the human eye. At least for .mp4. Maybe I've been wrong on this all this time.

  15. It's not necessarily a good recommendation, in my opinion, to tell people to turn these settings on for no reason.

  16. Can I ask why you hired multiple freelancers for the same type of need? Working with just one will in-theory, save you time and money.

  17. Because while doing a “test project” is nice, it’s my strong feeling that if you’re going to spend hours editing a test project, you deserve to be paid.

  18. Didn't realize you were asking for test projects. Of course I'm all for everyone being paid for their work, especially test projects because they're bound to take more time than the second project, third, etc.

  19. It is different for every country.

  20. I figured most understand the concept of taxes being different in different countries, states, provinces etc. I'll update the post.

  21. About a month or so ago this became a thing, and I believe was discussed here on Reddit. I recently closed a contract with a freelancer and thought some may benefit from seeing the financial breakdown. The tax doesn't apply directly to the contract total (thank goodness).

  22. You've already given them 30 minutes too much. Set a precedent now with the client and stick to it for future potential gigs.

  23. Sounds about right, it's been too long to remember what the jokes were exactly but they were your run-of the-mill white/black stereotypes far as I recall.

  24. Anyone remember the guy that took his iguana for walks? He carried a piece of driftwood and the iguana chilled on that.

  25. No offense, but you are not yet in the 21st century. I was where you are, shooting with a lot of gear and 16mm film many years ago. I carried all that gear because I had to. Now, I take advantage of some important technological changes. The biggest one is: If you can see it you can shoot it. Modern cameras don't need much light and have fast lenses. Use a few battery-powered LED lights on super lightweight stands. Most will run much longer than your interview on a single charge---no more carrying power cables. Better still, find a place with good naturl light and shoot there. It can certainly be done. A tiny on-camera light will put sparkle in the eyes of anyone being interviewed--that's a big secret.

  26. In regards to your iPhone mention, are you referring to software the eliminates the VFR problem?

  27. No, there is no VFR problem for sound because sound doesn't have a frame rate, only sample rate. The Shure Motiv app and the Rode app are good examples of software that bypasses the internal audio processing of the iPhone and will give you very clean recordings.

  28. I'd be lying if I said I never rubbed one out in the deer stand. Nature does something to a man

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