1. Gotta say Hank Hall. At first, I didn't like him that much but from season 2, I started to really like him. Too bad they just killed him😖🥺😭.

  2. Well, shaw is my favorite but since he's not here, I'll say kiro because he's a little ball of sunshine.

  3. It's funny because I'm Kiro all the way but MAN Shaw definitely gets me to spend extra gems on him! I feel like there's definitely some kind of connection there, even though I wouldn't say they're similar characters at all.

  4. OMG!!!! I thought I was only one!!! I mean, before shaw was introduced, I was all team kiro. But then, all of a sudden shaw was here, and i was like, "Another love interest that happen to be Gavin's brother but has a BDSM-ish personality?...... Huh." Then, I was on my knees. So, right now I'm loyal to Shaw💕💕💕

  5. That one time in the episode robo bobo, when rex was talking to robo bobo's butt and dr. Holiday walked in.....

  6. The fact that all you have to say about Rachel is that she looked nice shows how badly she was used in season 3.

  7. Yeah, she only appeared after ep8. I mean, she is one of the 4 main characters and deserves to have more screen time.

  8. I was very disappointed with many story choices for season 3. I felt like slogging through each episode to finish. It was so obvious that the writers wanted to just do a Batman family story.

  9. Totally agreed!!! There are many awesome Titans story but instead they went with this( I liked it tho)

  10. Yes, agreed!!!! It would look so cool if it was gray!!!

  11. Conner's character is literally based on being unable to control the instincts of his DNA donors. Being "a man who has a mind of a 2 year old" is precisely why he's forced to do what Superman or Lex Luthor would do in appropriate scenarios. To say "maybe he just didn't react quickly" just doesn't make sense when he reacted quickly enough to stop bullets (which are far faster than the tower) and catch Jason (who was much farther away).

  12. Oh yeah!!! Conner did reacted quickly on stopping the bullets and catching Jason. Now, this just made me realise that him reacting to situations has nothing to do with his mindset of a child ( but after almost finishing s3. I'm now very sure that he certainly doesn't have a 2 year old mind but I will talk about it later) but come on my friend, Just because a show has ups and downs doesn't mean it's badly written. I mean, how come it's called "bad writing" If the show is enjoyable that it makes you feel like "Yup, worth my time!!!!"?

  13. Well, I was hoping to do a separate post about it but yes so far, I'm enjoying it. ( I have more to say tho, I will say it in a separate post)

  14. So, remember when white knight, news reporter, caesar and even rex confirmed that the nanite event occured 5 years before?

  15. Oh, yeah that's right I remember that... But then, how old was he when six found him? Oh wait, I forgot about the entire Rex's old gang in Hong Kong thing.

  16. Ok so, the other comment said he's 14 in the third one so I'm going with that.

  17. Guy vs. Guy .. it’s really boring. There’s a lot of comedy but nah.. I do love The Swarm tho. Operation: Wingman will always give me a good laugh. XD

  18. Ohh i see but I like guy vs guy ( not my fav episode but I enjoy it) but the swarm... Nah, I hate it. I mean, why did they do you know "THAT"to Rex? He's just 15!!! ( then, again the entire Rex has a crush on Dr. Holiday was very bad tho)

  19. What do you think about MOA creating a short series telling you what happened during Red's 6-month absence from Providence

  20. Hmmm, that's actually sounds nice. I mean, I would like to see what happened instead of just the characters telling us. Andddd... Speaking to short series... I would like it if they ever made a short series about the back stories of agent six, white Knight, black knight, circe, van kleiss, breach, Rex's old gang. It's not like I want a series for each character but 1 episode of each character's back story in the stort series.( and sadly, I know that would never happen 😔)

  21. I have one more question regarding this topic. what do you think, could the white knight and agent 6 be friends again?

  22. Well, I personally don't think so. Because in the episode "promises, promises", agent six fought against white knight in order to protect rex from him and ever since then their friendship is ruined and they never interacted like friends in any other episodes other than that one episode but I guess, they still maintained decent amount of respect for each other.

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