1. City should really make an effort to also clean up northland...especially at fillmore where they dumped extra snow this past season. City seemed to not take responsibility & skip earth day

  2. routinely repaired roads! Plowed streets! Cleared sidewalks! Safe neighborhoods! Government services! Garbage removal! Recycling of five grades of plastic! Santitation! A new football stadium!

  3. Idk how I feel about one man being able to buy up all this property in Buffalo. Wish the government would actually do something and revitalize them instead. Community centers, health clinics, grocers, affordable housing... Plus isn't Jemal a Trump supporter?

  4. He's a businessman, that is what he does. So far, he has done Buffalo well with little reason to think otherwise. Why would him being a Trump supporter matter? It was a property up for sale that has sat vacant for decades. You would prevent that due to the purchasers political leanings?

  5. Dont think they were saying govt is the answer...maybe they were asking, why isnt any other one person heavily investing in the area?

  6. One man owns almost all the sports teams...

  7. Kind of sad this hasn't been finished. I was very excited to use it.

  8. The niagara street project is a very long multi stage project

  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wivb.com/news/local-news/buffalo/niagara-street-cycle-path-opens-with-new-sidewalks-and-lighting/amp/

  10. Didnt say it was completely open or completely safe

  11. RVs, dirtbikes and other recreational vehicles can be ignored only licensed drivers should obey speed limits, signage and general laws of road

  12. What occurs in nyc never has a mirrored affect in buffalo

  13. Nothing in tonawanda for people to complain about. No seiches. No erosion. At half mile in, doubtful youd see increased ice/sleet...no more than anyone else

  14. ive been waiting 3 years on chipdrop, don't hold out much hope

  15. Haven't heard great things as it's haphazard attention...but perhaps you gotta make a new request after a period of time? This user said they got a dump early spring

  16. It's called that because the street names are named after fruit. The Lakawanna police station is close and Curly's is a great Caribbean restaurant. You will be fine. Also don't forget to visit the Basillica

  17. This information does not at all accurately represent the fruitbelt neighborhood of buffalo

  18. Technically yes. However. Roam doesnt track gps location. Doubt parking enforcement is gonna pass thru to ticket your vehicle for not moving one spot up or to a different location. One way to find out.

  19. More bills relevant than buffalo/wny relevant

  20. When you register the card on zipline you should have set a pin of your choice. Do you recall doing that? If you dont remember the pin youll need to call the zipline customer line to have it reset.

  21. Also, who the hell cares if it is a duplicate, Eeyore. This city experienced a fucking tragedy and we all need to PROCESS as a whole and we don't need anyone suggesting we should not be posting about this topic or that we are posting about it too much. It's especially infuriating because

  22. nah, i'm not negative at all. My interest is to help the community heal from the horror it experience to fix the problems which exist where poor behavior and reactions can be eradicated from existing operations and others wont have similar experiences into the future. the content which you shared does not bring any new light to that particular instance of the experience and current investigation/handling of the situation. Toxicity is continued reshare of repetitive information without new information without progress. Don't be mistaken. I'm quite close to several individuals who directly experienced the event.

  23. Please, share any events which are being held to help members of Masten Park Community. Please refrain from discussion of the May 14th event, of the perpetrator, of prosecution to come. such content will be immediately removed.

  24. Only 2 seasons in NY winter and construction

  25. Unfortunately while it is for a good cause posting your fundraiser here is not permitted.

  26. I agree about about multiple threads, but dude, at least 8 dead, the bodies aren't even cold, and your talking about fucking tourism???? You should delete your comment immediately.

  27. doesn't need to be stickied. original thread also sufficient

  28. seems less informative. Suppose theres room for speculation on the suspect being in custody.

  29. this is duplicate and could be shared in the original post announcing the incident

  30. a reverse approach to pushing M properties?

  31. Ferry and richmond. Thats apartments at the moment.

  32. What's the extra 90° line at the end? Is that supposed to be the engine house?

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