1. Support local coffee shops more than ever.

  2. Thanks! Can you recommend some? I’ll put them on the list.

  3. Isnt this post the living, ever developing [now pinned] list?

  4. no kidding? This is an event in the area?

  5. This sub is in perpetual denial about just how much snow buffalo gets LOL

  6. Unsure what "getting snow" has to do with road travel conditions one week later.

  7. In no way did I anticipate travel would be restricted. If I did, I wouldn’t be going. I asked about what I could expect. Honestly, I was mostly asking to plan on which footwear I should be choosing.

  8. You should have made that distinction. The context of your ask leads to assume youre concerned about getting in, not keeping your feet warm & dry

  9. Crowd seemed more involved with completing verse of songs into next play and claiming crum push the tender into the net goals, after the whistle. team has won one game in the gawdy whiteout uniforms... this all, might have an affect on their energy...

  10. Saw empty cans all over north buffalo, st lawerence is on friday schedule and they got picked up. You have a council member you can call as well as the mayors impact team, 311

  11. Or you could just simply share the links/resources here in your comment. Dont be weird.

  12. Rims and tires come delivered mounted and balanced. You just take off the old wheels and put on the new ones.

  13. Yeppers. I’m in the southwest for thanksgiving, there are bad drivers for sure, but the contrast to Buffalo is stark.

  14. If two intersecting cars meet at an all stop at the same time, EVEN if your slightly ahead of the other by a foot coming to the stop, you have by nys dmv protocol approached and stopped at the same time. If youre properly stopped youre both sitting a moment checking for crossing traffic, pedestrian & vehicular. Who then goes first? Err! Not you. It is the driver of the vehicle immediately to your right. Go read a nys driver's manual. You might ask but who goes when you, a driver in the opposite linear direction to you and and intersecting car meet, the individual right of the intersecting car leads, though, the intersecting car should go next by nys manual but logically that car linearly opposite you is blocking that intersecting car's path so you may as well go, IF youre both continuing straight, otherwise if anyone is turning, you wait your proper turn.

  15. "Culinarily" speaking, all cheese is a form of "mold" aka soured milk. Shrug. Enjoy your next cheeseburger!

  16. Welp. Americans have been dumping chemicals and trash onto the land for over a century. Nevermind niagara falls is an industrial chemical wasteland and that landfill was establsihed 50 or more years ago

  17. Direct venue policy help during business hours 1-844-749-2267

  18. Ehh it's all things buffalo & wny. Know thy sub.

  19. Welp. Like national news, buffalo represents everything western new york. Therefore visitors to our sub can find nearly any feedback they need within five counties. The logic is sound.

  20. Elon Musk should by Spectrum and TicketMaster. Edit: This was a joke. Like Elon should also run a pretzel bakery. (He's twisted) Must suck to be so bitter and sober on Thanksgiving.

  21. While we're at it, suggest descendants of regis' to buy back spectrum

  22. This sub is not for posting hiring jobs, where it falls into "buying/selling"

  23. At least 800 people do know it exists. And it is listed in buffalo's info/sidebar

  24. Can we expect sabretooth to enter from rafters every game now? We back to normal? Or only goat head games?

  25. Did the weather readers say this is what 4ft. of snow looks like?

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