1. Throw it weightless and let it sink to the bottom. Then jerk it back with small to medium jerks. Make sure that it's rigged as straight as you possibly can, otherwise it doesn't give the right presentation. If the plastic is bent or twisted, the bait will corkscrew through the water. You want more of a fluke style.

  2. 100% would put a swivel on this. If you don't your line will twist beyond the point of being saved, especially if your trolling and not casting.

  3. People have ALWAYS spent more on rent than the mortgage. The difference is if a 5000$ furnace goes out then the renter isn't on the hook for it. So it's a toss up in most cases. With this yahoo posting their house apparently now the rent is on the hook for it lol. This is laughable

  4. I wouldn't say that it's anyways been more than mortgage. My first apartment was 600/mo. Abs that was reasonable at the time. My rent was only supplemental for the landlord

  5. So you are going through with LOCKTOBER , NO NUT NOVEMBER & DENIED DECEMBER while you please her orally I hope, YES DO LET HER SEE THIS

  6. Definitely went be able to do all 3. I want to attempt October and see how it goes. If I feel good about it I MIGHT do November

  7. the only people who think locktober is an actual thing are crazy people.

  8. Yea my cage is quite comfy. It may be a tad large because i tend to fall out of it if a bend over the right way. And when I wake up I'm almost completely out of the back of it, sometimes. But besides that wearing it for the 5 day's wasn't really a bother.

  9. I'm not familiar with lube shooters, but you may be using too little or too much water. If you don't use enough there will be stuff left in the top of your rectum. If you use too much then rhe water gets past your sigmoid. The later will 100% end up in a mess shortly after if you dont thoroughly flush PAST the sigmoid, wich takes MUCH longer than just a rectal flush.

  10. It depends on how sensitive your skin is. I personally have no problem putting the cage on right after a shave. If you have issues with razer burn or in grown hairs then I would wait a day or 2. If you moisturize properly then there shouldn't be any issues

  11. You'll either need to convince your partner to top for you or find some good pornography. Your partner doesn't necessarily need to get into a dominant state, just needs to perform the actions. Unless that breaks the magic for you.

  12. Yea sometimes she pegs me when I ask for it, but I don't really think she likes doing it. It honestly more like vanilla anal (as vanilla as it can be I guess). She occasionally ties me up, when i ask, but I'm pretty sure that makes her uncomfortable as well. There's usually hurt feeling on both sides after that. And topping from the bottom is not the same as being submissive, so it does "break the magic" unfortunately.

  13. You'll need to have a heart to heart with your partner. Perhaps she can learn to fill the role. She might not be any good at it but if she's willing to, and enthusiastic, she can learn. Unfortunately it seems like she isn't enthusiastic. Ask her if she actually dislikes it.

  14. These are really great merhods. I think it's probably best if I use these methods on myself though. In our conversations we've had in the past she has given me a 100% conclusive "I will not dom you". And that's ok.

  15. It seems that chastity is whatever the key holder and chaste decide it to be. For me it's more about orgasm denial than it is being in the cage itself. I've even looked into cages that allow a full erection, because I'm not the biggest fan of the squeeze. Some say you can't cum, some say you can't unlock (theres no way in hell im going 31 days without at LEAST 2 or 3 unlocks for strictly cleaning), some say you can't do either. It's all up to the couple.

  16. Ok thanks you. My gf says Im able to get orgasms but by her but for some reason I kinda feel like I should go without having one entirely.

  17. If that's what you really want you should voice that to her. It's all things that should be discussed in length with eachother

  18. I'm kinda in the same boat, except my longest lock without release is 5 days. I think I might try locktober. If I make it through that then I might unlock and cum on the last day, then maybe try November as well. I'm trying not to think about the 60 days as a whole, because that's overwhelming. But if I take it one day at a time I think I might be able to do at least one of the two

  19. I love eating my wife, i honestly think i like it more than her. Some guys aren't into it (I can't begin to understand why) and that's just how it is unfortunately.

  20. I would suggest asking him about his masturbation habits and porn usage. For some people too much masturbation and/or porn usage, also add in a TIGHT grip with little or no lude, can lead to unnecessary stamina. People call it "Deatgrip Syndrome". It is quite possible that this isn't the issue, as some people naturally have crazy stamina. But if it IS the issue then you (he) can retrain his body. It's takes a lot of patience but it is definitely possible.

  21. Not sure if this could work. But you could try working on his endurance with edging. It will take some time and you won't see it in one session. But edging and not letting yourself cum forces you to learn control. With that says though it DOES NOT work for every man, for some it has the reverse effect

  22. This is extremely similar to the way I play.

  23. That’s what I chose, also posted the fully complete build if your interested in checking it out

  24. I have both toys (multiple aneros) and I would recommend the NJoy over the aneros. Both toys are nice and fun to use, but the NJoy is far more interactive, which can help beginners a lot more. Your prostate almost has to already be "turned on" for the aneros to work properly. If your prostate isn't wired to get you going crazy just yet then the aneros will seem very lackluster, maybe even disappointing.

  25. Ive never used any of the "knock-off" pure wands. But I do have the original. And I will say it's the best toy I've used for prostate play. The two best things about it are its weight and ability to aim. It's kind of like the ultimate joy stick

  26. Getting a boner at the wrost possible time in front of the worst possible people, and not being able to do a damn thing about it

  27. You're cage might be too big? I've tried larger and smaller ones and the one I have now is the smallest so far and it doesn't hurt at all to get hard. If you stop the erection before it really gets going it doesn't hurt nearly as much. When I had a larger cage it would get halfway hard and felt like my dick was breaking in half.

  28. I don't think it's too big. When soft I fill it quite nicely, I just really don't like the feeling of my dick being stopped from getting hard. I had a slightly smaller one that was waaaaayy worse than this one, I couldn't even wear it for a whole day without being in pain from a blocked erection. And I feel that if I went smaller I wouldn't fit in it, as it is now I have to use a Q-tip to push my head all the way into the cage.

  29. Thats interesting, mine is like 1/4 in smaller than I am while flaccid and there's no pain when getting hard. Honestly it feels good theres just this feeling of pressure thats very arousing.

  30. Yea I should probably clarify that with the cage I currently use, there's no real pain when my erection is being blocked, it's just uncomfortable. I just want to take it off when I get hard, but then that defeats the purpose. And my wife won't make me wear it, so I need one that I don't want to take off in a few hours when it's no longer comfortable

  31. Fun fact: if you start a line with the > character, your post will look like

  32. Ah see I'm lucky as my bed and mattress I've found are tall too (I'm 6ft) and I can bend at the waist and it's just right. Annoying to find bedside tables though...

  33. I think the issue is more in the hight difference between the two of us (11 inches). And just laying down doesn't really work either

  34. That might work. I might end up having to build some sort of step or something for her to stand on while I'm bent over. I just can't imagine I'm the only one with this problem, so I figured I'd ask readdit

  35. So I mean no offense by this but, of course your bad at sex, you've never done it before this time. I'm also assuming his Is the first dick you've sucked, so guess what, your not going to be great at that either. Unfortunately it's just the way it goes in the beginning.

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