1. Or you could just move the "33" text slightly to the right

  2. But moving it back where it was works too :)

  3. Just wait. It'l happen eventually as you progress.

  4. At this point go down AD path. AD path is cheaper than the other two so is best at first, and also is best any time the 7TTs you would save using it let you get another study further down the tree. If 7TTs wouldn't do so, you're better off using ID path. Once you reach TS171, you want to start using TD path almost always.

  5. The main rule is pretty simple: if you can go deeper, you do so, because studies lower down the tree are always stronger. Only when the maximum depth is the same do you fill up with other studies.

  6. Look for the O (options) tab, scroll down

  7. 8/10 are you learning anything other than Java rn? I’m taking a shot at C#

  8. Lol I'm still stuck at python and you talking about java?

  9. there is a project in progress, but this is not the place to ask about it or alternatives if vanced is working normally.

  10. This gets asked so much I feel like there should be a sticky for it

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