1. He'd be the only male student in Kivotos if that were the case...

  2. So she voices Commie Carrier Mommy as well? Damn.

  3. Didn't they loose some of their ships in a storm lately?

  4. That's the Royal Thai Navy, specifically the HTMS Sukhothai

  5. No I mean someone here posted a picture of a bunch of flipped over Philippine vessels after a storm a few months ago.

  6. The fact their "Modernized" gear goes to airsoft players kinda speaks volunes

  7. When you are trying to be "holy" but your body is made for sin.

  8. I don't care about spoilers. Did the humans win?

  9. It’s a Cameron movie, so the humans are naturally “eeeeeviiiiilll” and lose.

  10. Ishar-Mla to be precise. But, then again. Such trivial things are... ignored.

  11. Man... I wonder what's next after "Just don't tell mom I'm in Afghanistan 3: Ukraine clusterfuck."

  12. If you have 230 ships in port and have only oathed 11 I would say your exercising monk-like levels of self restraint.

  13. *Laughs in no ships oathed despite playing for over 4 years*

  14. > Elves are also an endangered race

  15. The Hands Of Death Could Not Defeat Me, Vulcan herself, Could Not Hold Me. And You Will Not Live To See The End Of This Day!

  16. Tachanka. Despite having better boss killer ops... Who doesn't want to pelt the boss with bullets?

  17. I'd be laughing if the British would pull the same stunt they did with the first L85s and have H&K redesign the damn thing for them.


  19. Adnachiel, Executor, and Enforcer in BA when?

  20. Doesn't need a bribe. Just have Kal'tsit adopt you and groom you into a weapon/killing machine and probably then she would let you.

  21. Gravel most definitely. Though among the the infected, not so much. Treatment is free in RI and many would not risk losing that.

  22. Like a bird feeding its chicks kitten.

  23. Man... It would be lovely if we had counter:side's repeat or skip feature.

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