1. Move to another country or Wait for a bomb thrown towards you by the foreign power

  2. girls showing their butt crack

  3. Probably wont happen until after Russia leaves Ukraine.

  4. Recently in February India placed an orders worth $46 Billion

  5. When I eat a human other humans are not the most likely to have affection.

  6. what color humans are you favorite

  7. Sprinkle chili powder on my butter popcorn

  8. High blood pressure could be the reason of your excessive foot sweating

  9. If you are a software engineer there are lots of online jobs available for you

  10. Not knowing what the purpose of my life is

  11. Involve yourself in Volunteering work and you will find you purpose

  12. whats stopping you to make more money

  13. work hard and become a Millionaire before you cross 25

  14. Have more Freedom compared to other countries

  15. The ability to accept when I’m wrong in light of better evidence and add to my knowledge.

  16. Probably or definitely money problems or lack of money saving skills

  17. Going for a long walk for an hour will make your day

  18. Fort Knox Vaults Harbor Millions In Opium, Morphine -- Stockpile Held For Emergencies

  19. Why is he always wearing a cap now a days

  20. This is incomplete without Circuit

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