1. Just guessing here, but if that drive is inside your gaming rig, it's probably running Windows and the drive NTFS formatted. If that's the case I doubt you can just import the disc to unRAID.

  2. Ah yeah I figured that was gonna be the way. Didn’t know if there was any wizardry that could be done to avoid that. I have an identical drive with a busted up PCB just sitting on a shelf, I’m just gonna stop being cheap and order a new PCB for $40 lol.

  3. I fucking love Diggs lmao. Priceless. Fuck these children in adult bodies that act like NFL players are property.

  4. Wait where’s this call from the assistant AG? I’ve never heard that before.

  5. That makes sense to me, but again, I didn’t even get the package I asked for, when she said she had given it to me at the end of the conversation

  6. Yeah then I misunderstood the situation, I’d definitely call back.

  7. A mistake made by a computer doesn’t need justice handed out. It needs an easy fix.

  8. Put a new wifi receiver in the PC.

  9. This is community Wi-Fi. OP could very easily be having a registration issue.

  10. Sure, every other device works fine except that one.

  11. I take it you don’t know how community Wi-Fi works, so let me break it down for you.

  12. Yeah man all of those advanced settings are locked down. It’s to prevent people messing stuff up, and then making it our problem. I would definitely recommend your own router.

  13. Where is the harm in someone assigning their own range of IP address for DHCP to use. That setting should definitely be available to edit. I get it people are really quite tech stupid. Funny the more advanced we get the dumber people get.

  14. Well it’s not that setting in specific, but as I’m sure you’re aware you can cause a ton of damage in the gateway GUI, and that’s what Spectrum is trying to avoid.

  15. That’s not what the OP is referring to. Which is why you’re being downvoted by many others. The OP is referring to the actual Roku streaming app.

  16. Yes, but it was a caching issue on the Roku device that was causing these symptoms. If it was anything with the spectrum service, the uninstall and reinstall wouldn’t have worked.

  17. Your ISP doesn’t provide your fucking Roku. Call them.

  18. This. I’m always willing to help redditors off the clock/on my breaks (on a break now) but can’t do so with minimal information.

  19. Jesus, tell me you're not one of these people that says "wifi" when you mean "internet". The two terms are not interchangable. No, you're not paying for wifi. You're paying for internet. It's like saying you're paying for a the faucet when you're actually paying for the water. Wifi is a delivery method, and it will always be slower than a direct connection. It's not a relevant testing method.

  20. Correct. So all of you with your wifi shower heads that didn’t come with a touch screen can connect without needing to go through the pesky splash page you cannot access.

  21. Yeah tier 1 support will feed you this line about only handing out IPv6 during IPv4 address pressure, but it's just not accurate. (At least not for legacy TWC markets.)

  22. I just thought you’re always guaranteed an IPv4, but if you pull a IPv6 too then it was just luck of the draw.

  23. I mean I wasted practically an entire day of my weekend to do an experiment with three cable modems, and I can tell you there was no luck involved, it's perfectly repeatable. With no change to the downstream router: two of three modems consistently proxied my DHCPv6-PD request and handed me my previously allocated prefix. The third modem never responded to my DHCPv6 IA_NA/IA_PD solicit, at all.

  24. Hm, I never looked that far into it. Thanks for the explanation, I appreciate it. I’m always looking to learn :)

  25. Hello! I'm in a one bedroom apartment. The access point is in the bathroom closet which is on the other side of the wall from my living room/kitchen where my pc is. So it's probably 10 feet tops, but there's a wall between the pc and access point.

  26. Do you have an Ethernet port on a wall in your unit? Those are generally active and would definitely improve the gaming experience.

  27. Not that I’ve been able to find. Only one I’ve seen is a phone port? Right next to the cable coax spot on the wall. Other than that there doesn’t seem to be an Ethernet port anywhere

  28. If you’re comfortable with it, DM me the name of your community and I’ll tell you if you’re entitled to one. Then it’s just getting management to install it for you, and us to come activate it.

  29. Read again - I have no box. Streaming., I logged out of Spectrum and back in again, no change. I tried THEIR website - same issue. they have done something.

  30. When I tell you that there is no way possible for you to lose Lifetime from a coding issue, I’m telling you that because I make a living looking at account codes. I know what’s what, and that straight up doesn’t exist. I’m not saying it’s not on spectrum, but that is not the issue.

  31. There are no codes that would make you lose a basic channel like lifetime. That channel is included in the tier coding, and if you lost that code you'd lose the whole package. Check your guide filtering, reboot your box, maybe request a replacement. All I can say is that's 100% not a coding error.

  32. If a feature is offered, and it doesn't appear to be working, it seems legit to ask about it even for niche or specialized features that most don't need or even know about.

  33. That’s just how DHCP works. If your lease is up and you pull another one, great, if not then it really doesn’t matter. If you’re trying to access your network while on the road, DHCP is the wrong answer anyhow. We currently don’t offer static IPs to residential accounts, but I recommend you set up a Dynu for that.

  34. totally agree it wont matter. I was just checking if there is a bigger issue with spectrum DHCP not working or they shut the ipv6 part of it.

  35. It all depends on what the CMTS gives you when the lease expires.

  36. We do have FTTP for residential accounts, and if you were to have a fiber fed service those numbers are accurate. Seems that sales rep was either mistaken or lying, and I'm going to say mistaken because those guys are not technologically inclined at all. He probably heard someone mention that upload speed, which would actually be symmetrical on fiber, and relayed it in a pitch.

  37. Mostly yes, but I'm WFH, get good numbers, come to work (and on time) so have an above reasonable amount of autonomy.

  38. I agree 100% with this right here. I'm moving shifts and terrified my new sup is gonna be a dick lol.

  39. I am a Rep 2 and work in Managed WiFi. I love it. Back in regular cable, internet, and voice I was not very engaged and found myself bored, but being able to work with this enterprise grade equipment is like a dream come true and I couldn't be any happier.

  40. I saw this last night and decided to start my own ping test, I woke up this morning and stopped it. It had pinged 30,184 times, and lost a total of 9 packets.

  41. Free service, 401k matched up to 6%, a 401b where they put 3% in for you, cheap insurance. Maybe more but I just woke up can’t think.

  42. Um, hi, long time former Valvoline employee. Where the fuck are the pit covers?

  43. I’ve been using both my whole time with the company. How in the world can you say that CSG is slower than CRM? I don’t think you’ve ever had to pull up an account with 30 DTAs before on CRM lol.

  44. Definitely buy your own router and save the $5 or $10 on you bill. Hell, you could even buy your modem too! I don’t use any spectrum equipment!

  45. It’s smart to use the spectrum modem. It’s free, the new ones are decent, and we fully support them and won’t tell you to call the manufacturer if they seem defective and need a replacement.

  46. Sweet - you work at spectrum like i do. right? you know the type of customes that call in. The people on the Jerry Springer show look like ivy league scholars compared to spectrum customers.

  47. I have no further arguments. I once had someone mad that their internet didn’t work, because their power was out.

  48. https://www.nytimes.com/article/tropical-storm-colin-hurricane.html

  49. I’m saying they haven’t said anything to us regarding communication to customers about tropical storms.

  50. Oh yeah, that’s for outages. If you call in we can make it so you’re notified when the outage is over. Pretty nifty. My Spectrum App is good for that too.

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