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  1. What does your inventory look like?

  2. Thanks for your response! The problem was where I had the variable defined within the role. I had it in vars, and it needed to be in defaults.

  3. How are you including the role?

  4. Thanks for your response! The problem was where I had the variable defined within the role. I had it in vars, and it needed to be in defaults.

  5. You could try an associative array (aka dictionary, hash map) with declare -A

  6. That's exactly what I had to do. I made three arrays: one with the content views, one with the versions (populated from a loop over the first array), and one with the environments. Then I did this

  7. Oh wow, thanks. I write in caps just to make it easier on my eyes, but yeah, I was clearly not thinking with the ENV var. I can't believe I did that.

  8. I know I’m almost a year late, but he’s talking about end user to ProtonMail. Unless I’m misunderstanding something about how encrypted email works, you’re connecting to ProtonMail via https. If you MITM that, you can extract clear text from the http requests fairly simply (to people who know how to do that, I mean, it’s complicated to me), essentially a keylogger. They’d never need to compromise the emails.

  9. You didn’t read the article and, based on your bullshit paragraph, don’t know anything about healthcare at all. Go away.

  10. ROFL. Based on your response, you didn’t actually read what I said. Have fun picking those cherries, though.

  11. Your comment got removed for a reason. Take that as an opportunity to self-reflect.

  12. So true. But I really learned how to use dd properly since then.

  13. DISCLAIMER: This post is just for fun, not to be taken too seriously. I got some homophobic comments and messages for Part 1 and for my “Ugliest Mobsters” post, and like I did in those posts I will be reporting any homophobic comments. Keep in mind that Reddit can and will ban accounts for hate comments. If you hate this post and think it sucks, then downvote me and tell me it sucks, just please keep any bigotry to yourself. These mobsters were all entirely suggested in the comments to “Most Handsome Mobsters part 1,” so I thought a followup would be fun. Thanks everyone!

  14. I noticed a small issue. Whatever process you put these through fucked up on the second picture (unless that dude’s ear really got split and wasn’t bleeding, I guess). Anyway, part of his hair got colored as flesh.

  15. Has she claimed the throne in the US as well? Last time I heard she was just the “Queen of Canada”, not even of the entire UK.

  16. It’s a common misconception that the United States and Canada are different countries, but the US actually isn’t a country at all. It’s a wholly owned subsidiary of Canada. It was a cheap buy what with the $17T debt that the US has.

  17. Because he's been a spoiled rich kid surrounded by yes-men and bankruptcy lawyers his whole life. Trump literally does not understand that he can lose, and every step closer to the end has him more confused or upset.

  18. Like all narcissists, he believes he can continue to manipulate his way out of trouble. And why shouldn’t he believe that? He’s been lying his way through life for 70 some years.

  19. This song has always meant so much to me... I never dove into the lyrics deeply to realize it's about heroin, but I've always thought about my step-father in his dying days from cancer. The 'vomiting in the kitchen sink', 'dying man in the living room', 'this is not my life / it' s not what I'm like'... All of it really resonated with his struggle to come to peace with the end of his life... I guess there are many parallels when it comes to addiction and cancer.

  20. Well, that it’s about heroin is only one interpretation. If the evidence exists to make it about something else (i.e. if the words relate to other issues), it’s equally about those issues.

  21. Here is a link to the video that doesn’t cut off quite as quick.

  22. I love that we’re all just documenting the downfall of American society.

  23. Money owns politics. Dems, reps, all of them. It’s fucking tragic. They don’t give a shit. I’m becoming super leftist just in hopes they can do something

  24. Yeah, same. The GQP were always junior fascists, but they’ve seemingly all moved up to mid-to-senior level fascists over the last five years. The democrats are too torn. You’ve got shitbags like Manchin who block everything useful, and otherwise are interested in maintaining the “status quo,” but the status quo is actually “giving ground to far right ideology little by little.” And then you’ve got a handful of leftists (or maybe almost leftists—definitely leftist by American standards) who have some pretty good ideas, but are unable to do anything because no one wants new ideas. They want the same old bullshit that’s filled the coffers for the last 100 years.

  25. No, we just sell lemonade, but it’s cold, and it’s fresh, and it’s all homemade.

  26. But they need to back up those words with weapons, and in the USA they are outmatched by the military.

  27. Some percentage of the military is with the GQP. How much, and how highly ranked, I don’t know, but there are definitely people in the military who would use whatever weaponry they could get from their job to attack the country. But yeah, ultimately, the winner will be the side that has the majority of our military power.

  28. To some extent, I’m surprised that it’s gotten this bad. On the other hand, I’ve heard right wing nut jobs talking about how we need another civil war since the Clinton era, and they’ve probably said it longer than that. So should I really be surprised? Not really.

  29. It’s just a thing he does. It’s not weird or anything, but some people are a bit more repressed sexually. What he does is this: he drinks and eats dog cum. He makes a thing called Crowder Chowder. It’s just like clam chowder, but instead of cream, he uses dog cum. It sounds disgusting to me, but I’m not gonna yuck his yum.

  30. He could use them to hold bananas in case he gets hungry later.

  31. that whole "step aside girls, the alpha males are back" has a real homoerotic feel to it lol

  32. I cannot state them now, but for reasons I will discern in time, believe me, I smiled while watching this video.

  33. As a veteran, I can tell you that being smart isn't really that important in most of the military.

  34. Military intelligence, two words combined that can’t make sense.

  35. Well, idk that we need to scrap it. We should definitely chop it up, though. The first amendment is solid as hell.

  36. I 100% agree with you, but the victim having a weapon makes it way easier for the cops to say they feared for their lives and not face any consequences.

  37. I already had your responder blocked because he’s a nut. I wouldn’t put much stock into his thoughts.

  38. I find it funny how polarizing this is; if you're white, the conservatives tell you to buy as many guns as you can fit within your home, then buy some more. If you're black however, owning a firearm is a caveat to why you're a criminal and deserve to be killed without trial.

  39. He tried brown rice and it didn’t work, but thinks white rice will do the trick? Tell him to go home and try it 🤷‍♂️

  40. Yes because brown rice still has the bran on it, which prevents it from soaking up water as effectively. The more refined white rice has higher rates of water absorption, so it’s better at fixing electronics. Pretty basic science, really.

  41. It's technically possible to cram for the RHCSA in 1-2 weeks (which is what the video courses do in lieu of in-person classes). But, it'll be a struggle. I did it and while I passed, I was close to the minimum score needed. But if you space it out more, then it'll be better and you'll have some room to retake it if needed.

  42. Did you barely pass because they require so many odd things like VDO and their storage thing (strata?), stuff that no one actually uses? Or?

  43. That was part of it, but it's more or less the issue of trying to remember everything for a 3 and a half hour test while only using man pages for a quick reference. If you've used linux before, each topic in the RHCSA will seem familiar (with the exception of the few weird things nobody uses), but you have to recall it all at once. It requires a lot of memorization of command switches.

  44. I see. I’ve been working with RHEL for like 5-6 years, and I’ve never bothered to certify, but getting a cert is a yearly requirement at my current job. I haven’t had time to prepare for anything (because our infrastructure is so badly architected, I’ve done almost nothing but put out fires for the six months I’ve been here), so I’m figuring I’ll just get the RHCSA to tick the box.

  45. Agree on all fronts! I can’t believe I didn’t recognize James Urbaniak during my first watch through. He did an awesome job with that role. He does the voice of Rusty on another favourite show of mine, Venture Bros.

  46. Same here I too am on handheld & it's post midnight here. Thanks for ur help. Let me try this 2moro.

  47. Jesus. Is there not a way to limit the amount the thing will log to one file? A 1.2T log file is crazy.

  48. If it said it doesn’t exist rather than there just being no results for it, do you think you should really trust it?

  49. Yes. If there were no results, it’d be a cover up. Someone took the time to clarify the mistake, so it must be true.

  50. Inb4 "I don't have my laptop with me cause I'm on holiday"

  51. True, but it only has USB-C ports on it, and I don’t carry adapters. My mobile workstation stays at home when I leave. Sometimes, I don’t even take it with me when I’m on call and I’m gonna be gone all day. Oops!

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