1. that only works when you are on the same wifi network as your phone. But as I wrote -there is no wifi

  2. What is the hardest survival priority to get across in a game format?

  3. What can the average person do to best prepare for an unexpected detour into the wild?

  4. learn how to start a fire. That is the number one most important skill according to Les :)

  5. I'm pretty sure they have the ideas down, given this is based off of survivorman but are gauging gamer interest.

  6. It's always good hear from as many people.so you can do your best to be right by those who are interested.

  7. Where will this be sold so i can purchase? Found it on steam

  8. It will be available through the Occulus Quest Store & Steam when it launches.

  9. There's one similar called S.T.O.P.P , its for situations that involve panic. Stop Take a Breath. Observe Pull back, get some perspective Practice what works, proceed.

  10. I couldn’t remember another P word at the time but proceed is other one I’d replace. Becuase if you are observing you should also be planning at the same time and if you don’t proceed or move forward you could get stuck in your head

  11. Full moon night hiking is underrated, especially in the desert.

  12. If done right, a video game can provide the same information as a book and a video on YouTube, potentially in a more memorable setting.

  13. Having spent actual time in the woods I would say none. zero. there are no consequences to video games, you play warm and well fed and rested.

  14. Nothing beats irl experiences and irl survival training of course & there's no replacement for that but a well made Survival VR game can be educational.

  15. 100% , check some of these vids to see his involvement

  16. We more video post coming on our page plus check out tiktok for more visual content

  17. You could always tell the ones he was actually having a hard time in because he would complain about having to film himself

  18. Is Les Stroud taking a hand in this?

  19. But do you have to place a camera at the top to film you climbing down from above, climb down, put a camera at the bottom, climb back up to get your first camera, and film yourself climbing back down from below.

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