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  1. What did he do? I'm honestly scared to check

  2. It seemed pretty racial. Lots of n slurs, gore, and someone sticking a gun up a dudes asshole.

  3. Okay I love this. It fits so smoothly. The fact they both want humanity gone but in different ways is such a wonderful contrast. Will we end up seeing them encounter each other directly?

  4. At the end of the day isn't it important that the creator is happy with his product? I personally like the direction it's gone because you can feel the passion behind it.

  5. All those brinks laying around and they throw a shoe.

  6. It ain't our place to kill everything we see. In that situation just walk the hell away. They leave eventually.

  7. Oh I get that shit all the time cuz I don't have good blood circulation. Literally gotta T-pose to stop it from happening sometimes.

  8. It’s all fun and games until the pain of even twitching a muscle feels like the wrath of a thousand sun gods has descended upon

  9. Well yeah there's ways to get around that if you aren't popular to people. I've seen people skin a sheep alive on YouTube. It's insanity.

  10. Drop him, get yourself a new boyfriend

  11. I know it wasn’t, but I what I meant to say that my “Luca is gay??!1!1!1!1” comment was a joke and the person that replied to me took it literally.

  12. Yeah, sorry about that. I’ve should’ve been more specific when I wrote that comment.

  13. I would like to find out myself man this is just wrong

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