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  1. I believe this is the performance you’re referencing.

  2. I just went to listen to KD’s version. Beautiful!

  3. So cute. I had a black cat named Zipper. She ran so fast through the house and was unable to stop sometimes before hitting the cabinet.

  4. I think she has more than a few sugar daddies. Gino met her on a sugar baby site.

  5. Or the black eyes from their abusive husbands.

  6. I took the name because when i created the account, i wanted to be anonymous and chose something as FAR from what anyone could think was me.

  7. They do not currently look like the two women in this pic..sorry. Did their Miami friend with the blue hair make this video ?😳😜

  8. I don’t think it was Tiffany I want to say it was Avery.. the one that married the dentist and converted into Muslim

  9. I remember Tiffany saying. I wondered what her mom would say.

  10. Lmao it’s a social event void of its original meaning. It’s to support newer parents…don’t get hung up on something it’s actually not…I’ve been to a million baby showers and never once gave a shit about why it’s called what; nor, was I concerned who was throwing it. I am just happy to be in that persons life and able to celebrate them. I teach language and etymology (study of origin of words) and I don’t get hung up on stuff like this, it’s a weird old prescriptivist gatekeeping lens. Very “boomer”y lol

  11. Not boomery. I agree with you and I’m a boomer

  12. Hahah I guess more of the concept of a traditional boomer mindset and definitely not reflective of their actual belief on it. Glad you can see the ridiculousness too!

  13. I totally agree. It’s ridiculous. People sure get twisted over this show’s storyline. Lol

  14. I am not usually harsh on here, but OP you need to open your eyes and wake the hell up. I don't question that you love him, but I can say with all honesty, this man does not love you. No one who loved another person would abuse them verbally and emotionally like your husband has been doing. Do you feel like you deserve to be treated this way? Is this how you think love is supposed to be?

  15. I would just tell him I’m going to see my dad. It’s not affecting your husband in any way that is normal. And tell him to stop degrading you. Stand up for yourself.

  16. I've never been on Jeopardy! And honestly, probably never will. But the concept of being a multi game champion terrifies me because I'd run out of stuff to say after like 2 games.

  17. I’ve heard that most contestants hate the interview portion.

  18. She looked like the second pic during the tell all. They didn’t use filters. The difference is that in pic 1 she has no makeup on.

  19. I cannot stand to watch this again. That stupid cop. Glad she sued and won. but he should have been fired.

  20. Maybe stay single for awhile and go to therapy.

  21. I'm thinking Bilal and Shaeeda may have been in a different hotel. In the first Tell All (part 1) it showed Bilal sitting on a bed similar to the one in this photo. when Shaeeda came back from shopping w Yara The room they showed in Part 4 was beautiful.

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