My "gf" doesn't even like me

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  1. Please tell me, you took this pic in December and not today 😅

  2. Hehe yeah i took it on christmas, he was feeling the spirit of the holiday as you can see

  3. ngl, worse if it was a dare. if OP shot his shot, got rejected and handled it in a funny way, props to him. but if you only ask someone out because of a dare that’s honestly so dogshit.

  4. Lmao isn’t this the exact plot of that awful harry styles wattpad movie After? He like asks her out on a dare or something and she finds out and is upset

  5. Does anyone else saw this and saw it as the cordyseps fungus from the last of us... The HBO show, because it looked like that to me

  6. Yeah ngl my mind went there too, i got uncomfy

  7. Easy - Yu jing and Rand no competition

  8. Bruh get a life, this is what you care about? Sad

  9. Why were you such a dick about it? You trying to give the guy a complex? Like… how is this funny to you? “lol so awky” like grow the hell up, apologize for being a total ass is how you make it not awkward.

  10. Multiple living rooms, and labeling each one differently.

  11. I saw this cool speculation about Shaco being the one who killed Isolde, directly causing the Ruination. It would be cool if behind some of the disasters that happened in lore, there would be Shaco.

  12. Yeahh i wanna see some pennywise shit where he’s just like in the background of scenes just standing there menacingly

  13. I know right?? Our family has always had collies cause they’re literally the sweetest. I mean look at the last pic, my cat stole his dog beg so he squeezed in next to her and settled for her tiny lil cat bed lmao

  14. edna mode, what happened to you??

  15. Well I think it’s necessary to worship something other than yourself sometimes because then you’re just a narcissist like Andrew Tate. I personally worship and bow down to god because I have seen his angels and his gifts with my own eyes. I do however believe that CHURCH worship is the same as worshipping Andre Tate, it just feeds your insignificance and indoctrinates you further into society. I worship god on my own time and by myself. A 1 on 1 connection is unbreakable with god. Some people don’t believe in anything and I can respect that, I just think in order to not bend to the world or society, I have to put faith in god to keep hate out of my heart and keep me strong against the tide of evil in this world. I couldn’t do this alone.

  16. i mean you dont have to worship yourself or any other entity. have you ever considered just not worshipping anything? like, it’s okay to not worship something. believe it or not, you can exist on your own merits and be totally fine. you can just stay strong yourself and fight “the tide of evil.” it’s ridiculous to think that just because you don’t believe in god, you can’t have morals or be a good, strong person. just because you dont believe in a god doesnt make you a narcissist. In fact, isn’t it more narcissistic to assume you are special in some way, and that there is a god performing miracles just for you?

  17. My ideas stem mostly from psychedelics. I have had multiple encounters with that I believe to be god/angels.

  18. Damn, wish the church gave their followers psychedelics. Maybe they’d all be as tolerant as you. I feel like most people use the idea of a god to justify their own selfishness and intolerance towards others who differ from them. It makes no sense to me why people just never question what was taught to them

  19. tsk tsk, shouldve sanded and undercoated

  20. Yeah but i’d say 95% of cats are cute, whereas only ~65% of dogs are

  21. Her face looks a little skewed to me, something about it is a little off. I think the nose and mouth dont align with the eyes quite right. Fix that, finish coloring in the bra strap, finish blending the skin on the body, and the character is golden! Also maybe add a few stray hairs to break up the empty space of the forehead? It would also add some movement to the piece, make it look like there’s a sea breeze blowing her hair or something.

  22. This was extremely helpful critique!! Thank you :)) I’ll send your the finished artwork. I appreciate your time and effoet

  23. Yes please do! I’d love to see it, looks wonderful already! Keep doing your thing man, you’re really good and I can tell you love doing it :)

  24. Jack Ryan???!? Marvelous Mrs. Maisel??!

  25. you never seem to call me lately

  26. bro this is just embarrassing whyd you post this jesus

  27. Bro how did my minecraft world become real??

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