Alex Jones is a legendary hero to the USA and to planet Earth. For decades he has been screaming the truth out to the world and educating all of us on the NWO even while being called a madman or controlled opposition. He has directly woken up Tucker, Rogan, CIA/FBI people and world leaders. TY Jones

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  1. I'm so repulsed. Between how he spoke to his father.... To the flying saucer hovering above his head that he calls his hair.... To his belief that the couple people viewing his stream are "making" him act like an ass... Bleghh need a brain cleaner.

  2. Just finished deciphering...I came up with S.....E.... N....... D..... N..... U.... D..... E..... S

  3. Their gift to humanity, represented as a pine cone in his other hand. The pineal gland.

  4. It represents the forests they engineered to support life and a variety of ecosystems... To your point, forests and plants all contain a fairly decent amount of DMT as a foundational component of their biology and processes..

  5. There was an episode of aqua teen where there was a disease that was turning people in to clowns. I want that disease to be the next big one.

  6. The people who should worry are the ones rubbing essential oils on broken bones..

  7. I know the sound of skin dragging across a laminate/linoleum/hardwood floor from 100 miles away. Good job crawling under the camera to pull a string you silly goose!

  8. Winner winner 🐔🍗 dinner. They printed more USD in 2020/2021 than the previous history of USD combined. Makes USD worth so much less, and now our 🥚🍳🥚 came home to roost, cockadoodledoo mfer!

  9. All the assault and fighting is garbage, the violence isn't needed. But that kid can go places... A 6/7 on 1 fight is so lame, good for him for proving a point.

  10. Even if he was talking shit, that isn’t an excuse for assault.

  11. All I see in these foolish children's future is a hard lesson on castle doctrine.

  12. Should this even be posted? This is obviously sexual harassment/assault.

  13. For an economy sub, not a whole lot of you know one lick about economics lol.

  14. That playground looks like a poutine hole, no wonder that kid was a poutine head.

  15. What probably would occur if aliens reveal that this is the guideline to continue contact, then the willing humans will unite and remove the humans who don't agree- then it'll be all agreements from then on. Smooth sailing.

  16. I don't like how comfortable you sounded with that scenario 😐

  17. A Chinese national committed a mass shooting against Taiwanese, the Waukesha killer hated whites, the piece of shit in Buffalo hated blacks. The problem is racial extremism in general, which IMO has been egged on by the media.

  18. That's what happens when you continually provide fuel for a fire, it just keeps burning.

  19. If you know the building blocks of Marxism, then this is a hint of the source, and why. Ideological warfare, which we are caught in.

  20. It's basically a large group of losers all banding together to normalize aberrant behavior and an overall failure to succeed. They haven't been able to win, so they want to destroy the game, and every other facet of it from family to industry to individualism and personal responsibility.

  21. Ugh, there's a theme with videos today and I don't like it, why are so many young ones so damn violent and callous.

  22. That child could have died had that last stomp connected. Shamefully vile behavior, that kid needs a punishment severe enough to deter that behavior from EVER happening again.

  23. Congratulations, you've successfully reached the end of the internet.

  24. I brought it up because it was an absolutely hilarious discussion on a JRE episode between Joe Rogan and Duncan Trussel. They talked about initiation rites for secret societies and Duncan made the joke about the glass coffin, supposedly an initiate has to lay down inside a coffin while the other members ejack on it, and they film it. Duncan made the joke that he'd flip the script and start jerkin from inside to "come" back at them lol.

  25. Seems like the exact appropriate moment to summon all of your HUSTLE.

  26. This reminds me of the skin walker ranch story from George Knapp. The rancher who owned skin walker ranch had a random guy walk up to his gate and plead with him to let him come onto the property and pray/meditate (the guy claimed to be a shaman or something I think) because he has this incredibly powerful urge that he needed to do it. So the rancher obliged, and the man did his thing in a specific spot while the rancher watched and then when the man finished his ritual or prayers (he was sitting or kneeling) he started screaming and backpedaling with all urgency, and the rancher claimed all he and the man could see was a being like this stand up from a crouching position. The rancher said it was invisible but looked like the effect from the predator movies, the shaman ran away from the property freaking out and screaming.

  27. I don't follow Alex, has he said anything about Trump not pardoning Assange? That to me should've been an immediate disavow if he was being honest with himself.

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