1. How finished would you want the gams to be?

  2. Any stage is fine :D Even if it’s early in development

  3. Sorry about some of the weird UI, I clipped this from my stream so it showed my avatar and and a few other things.

  4. Good point! I must appreciate the apple, for the rock has generously offered it to me

  5. They call it the great rock apples, 100% real lol

  6. The great rock apples sounds like a good name for a band hahaha

  7. I made everything myself with the exception of the 2 posters (made by my friends), the mountain scene (asset store) and certain animations that were imported from mixamo (like the dance, sad walk and jogging animations).

  8. I did all the modeling (except for mountain scene gotten from asset store) and most of the animations, some animations were imported from mixamo (like the dance, sad walk, and jogging animation)

  9. Looks Awesome! Would be great to see the light fade from its eyes as it dies after the boulder crush.

  10. Thank you! I think you’re right, i should gradually lower the light for a cooler effect :D

  11. I think B's strongest point is that you don't really know who's behind the mask, ad the color contrast helps.

  12. Keep the bug and set it with some sort of RNG encounter rate to drive some players mad swearing the monster did a whole "Heard you talking shit bro" neck stretch 😆

  13. Bro...which software are you using to do these? That itself I donno. Can you guide me please :)

  14. Blender for the 3d models and animations, the game is running in Unity :D

  15. I like the art style and graphics. It’s like an early 2000s mmo, which is an era I love.

  16. Idk if anyone has said this before, but it looks to me like your character is moving too fast for the animation that is playing. If im being honest i also believe that the character is just simply moving too fast for the context of everything else going on in this video. For example when you jump you move at SUCH a slower pace that it feels unnatural, however given your gliding mechanic, it would be easier to kill two birds with one change by making you character move slower.

  17. You’re absolutely correct, I had gotten so used to the movement over the years, especially the jumping, that I hadn’t noticed how off it was. Thanks a lot for the advice!

  18. Textures look much better now, everything just pops and looks so much nicer.

  19. Thanks a lot, you're absolutely right, I'll do my best to add more clutter and vary the terrain more. I appreciate the advice!

  20. Wow, I’m really happy I was able to contribute, and super excited to see my suggestion get added. And so quickly! This is really heartwarming!

  21. Thank you so much :D I really appreciate all the feedback and the kind words

  22. You could add a cloth normal map; it will make it more convincing as cloth. You can also use the cloth brush in the sculpting tools to make more convincing folds and wrinkles.

  23. After pressing Shift-N, open up the dialogue box that appears on the lower left corner and click on “inside”, if it still doesn’t work, click on it again. If it’s still not working, select the face, delete it with X, then select the surrounding edges and click F to create a new face instead

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