1. Of course the film is great, I told Grant Sputore and Michael Lloyd Green, it is my Mother Creation story since childhood. I am happy you like it

  2. I hope you know that the I Am Mother is my story from my childhood.

  3. What a beautiful video, so cute, she is lovely. LOVE IS FOR EVER

  4. I would say portal has a stronger claim, it came out in 2007. Also of the top of my head a certain scientific railgun and the resident evil movie used the same concept

  5. This is a part of something I wrote on my social.--> When I was seven years old in 1972, I was living at 305/2 Albion St in Brunswick VIC, and in that year, I received flashes of images of Mother Creation that I had to put together like a jigsaw puzzle, this image was embedded in my mind for some years before the time came for me to free my mind, I drew what I created on paper as a storyboard, at that point, My Mother Creation storyboard was created in Melbourne VICTORIA by me.

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