1. I'd look for a big bin cage, cheap and spacious and usually easy to find!

  2. Where can I find a larg enough plastic container to make a bin cage?

  3. The bigger the wheel the more control they gain in their running, so I recommend you buying a new one.

  4. A wheel with a textured tread (but still flat and solid) is ideal, such as the Trixie wheels. Dwarves have fluffy feet which means they can sometimes find it harder to grip the tread of those smooth plastic wheels.

  5. The one I have has this little bit of texture but I'll find one with a bit more texture for her feet. Thank you. :)

  6. Congratulations on your first little guy!!! 🐹 A lot of people have already put in a lot of good advice so I’ll just say to look up

  7. Me and my sisters was watching her a few hours ago and she really helped us a lot on understanding what to do and not do 👍

  8. I don't own a hamster myself, but I can tell 100% that you are an amazing owner just because of the way you're taking the habitat advice. I wish you and your new furry friend the best!

  9. Thank you so much😊 I really want to do my best especially with him being first hamsters I really don't want to make any huge mistakes

  10. I definitely will be watching that. I always see mine open there mouths and it's so cute 🥰

  11. I fucking can’t with the way they munch with their little snoots 😭bruh omg I love them 😭😭😭

  12. I’ve never thought that snails eating would look so human like? He’s actually taking little bites. Thats so cute!

  13. Yes, very normal behavior. In the wild they seek higher ground and often hide underneath plants, hanging upside down.

  14. This may sound silly but Would it ever come and stay down ?

  15. I leave the radiator on all day in the room where my plants are so the temp doesn't go below 18c. They are also in an ikea cabinet with a growlight. I made a mistake of putting one of them near the window in another room where my musa basjoo are and lost two leaves to cold damage in just 2 days. So make sure your monsteras are far from drafts.

  16. Sorry for getting to this late. And I'll do my best to keep it away from drafts and invest in a grow light. Thank you for helping me.

  17. It will happily stay in water. Or you can plant it and just keep the soil moist until it grows some soil roots. If you do that then I would cut at about 2” roots.

  18. Thank u so much for your help, I'll keep it in water for a bit longer then put it in soil with the care u advised.

  19. You’re welcome. 😊 I just planted some sansevieria a few days ago. I should probably give them a little more water.

  20. I hope they continue growing beautifully 😊

  21. For mine it's 12 days from the moment the tip pokes through the first time to being fully open. If there is something wrong it might take longer...

  22. Ok ill see what happens in 12 days, thank you.

  23. Thank you I didn't know it could take months.

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