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  1. Belief in themselves, individuals goals (no matter how big or small, just things that they adhere to and believe in, irrespective of external validation), the ability to make themselves laugh, an appreciation for setting boundaries for themselves, a willingness to communicate their emotional state, and a history of emotional introspection.

  2. HAH. There's something quite wonderful, about a person that really understands themselves. A health of the soul I can't help but gravitate towards. They're in tune with themselves in a way you can almost here the absence of, in people that aren't. Even if that instrument's a kazoo.

  3. Yes that’s it. I’m a boomer because I don’t like shit art.

  4. Sure, sure, same lazy thinking and invented character traits that's been thrown around by mediocre fossils every time anyone gets a tattoo regardless of the subject or execution.

  5. I’ve seen some amazing tattoos and I’ve seen some terrible tattoos. This falls very much into terrible and the OP will be judged by a large enough portion of people, for the rest of time, to make it worth mentioning.

  6. Unlikely. It's just not that notable one way or another. Unless you're being an asshole that's got baggage about people with ink, which you seem too.

  7. This is part of why i love avatar korra so much, she’s buff as hell

  8. Didn’t Nic want them to make her less buff? Nic fucked the show over and were dicks in MANY ways but I want to say they didn’t like it or something and wanted it toned down

  9. Nic barely wanted her on the air. Too risky a character. Would be the worlds most generic shonen lead if she was a younger male, but as a teenage girl, oh, boy, suddenly everyone's concerned.

  10. Yes, if you keep reading that TV Tropes description it says that the trope is named after David Xanatos. I think there’s a few other tropes on that site named after him.

  11. There used to be dozens before they started shifting names towards more description and less references.

  12. The boy is very cute and pretty instead of plain and average - he's meant to be appealing to the female viewer rather than just being a plain standin for a fantasising male viewer. The girl has a normal body type instead of being a muscled hulk with thighs like tree trunks and "mommy milkers" - basically she doesn't look like she was drawn by a male fetishist. And the art style is very shoujo.

  13. I definitely agree with your second point, but it was just a joke in response to them.

  14. Jokes tend to have a little more to them than one might wish for, unfortunately. What we mock, even casually, speaks to our values, and the way we frame and present the world.

  15. So basically you are saying I have "bad values" because I made a joke that shows how ridiculous this "alpha male," and what men and women "should be" crap.

  16. No, I'm saying making fun of someone for not having sex isn't the best option here and isn't a great look as far as what you want to denigrate people for.

  17. I do think it leans too much to what rr guys want and its often very passive and lazy feeling to me.

  18. Yuuuuup. And that's another part of it. That, for lack of a better word, lack of emotional intelligence to realise what you're doing and what you're not noticing.

  19. Yeah, I've gotten that impression as well. Unfortunate a lot of personal deprivations aren't always easy to initially perceive or subsequently articulate, so you spot media that you know you vibe with, or that satisfies some nebulous longing without quite knowing exactly why, and I think there's more than a few boys here in that process of self discovery and self healing.

  20. Drinking a mild stimulant and appreciating the complex flavour doesn't compare to inhaling a cocktail of various toxic substances to as satisfy a foul smelling addiction.

  21. I fucking love coffee; but if I had the choice between ending each day with a cocktail cigarette or starting it with a coffee for the same health effect, the cuppa joe eats shit every time.

  22. That's wholesome as hell and I'm delighted it was an option even for a female MC.

  23. Of course. RR is a spectrum, and everyone relates to their own gender and gender dynamics in different ways. Pick out the RR bits you enjoy, pass over he rest.

  24. Apparently the discussion is leading me to believe the Twitter artist headcannons Hunter as Transfem, so idk

  25. Yes, they are complaining about season 4. Not about people liking the season, as op is claiming.

  26. Being surrounded by people complaining about specious flaws in bad faith is a pretty good way to have a fandom you used to engage with spoiled, and an otherwise enjoyable show tainted by the certain knowledge that the fan spaces are filled with tasteless assholes.

  27. Yeah, those two things are the same. And obviously leaving is the only option. Hm, that reminds me, add 'people that can't analyse texts if their life depended on it' to the list of qualities.

  28. Omg wth I totally see the resemblance, that's uncanny lol. He's like his younger brother or something

  29. Oh my goodness, they're all beautiful, and in so many divergent aesthetics, none of them 'hey look guys I'm doing gender'. Everything tailored, everything harmonious, everything original.

  30. The story takes precedence, here. If it happened in real life, sure, dump her ass. But this is a little larger than that. In the meantime, we can see how frustrated and conflicted Callum is. He's obviously still holding a torch for her but he also clearly can't quite step past what she did.

  31. It's cute, and they're both hot, but I can't really see this as RR. 'Girl giving a boy a hug confidentially', nor 'two generically hot people/toned guy and curvy girl do something sensual' doesn't exactly cut it.

  32. Or that Christmas in ww1 when every soldier basically had an existential epiphany until higher ups started yelling at them again

  33. Or more pragmatically, scheduled sustained bombardments over the Christmas period the next year so that nobody would get any funny ideas.

  34. Most of the queer subreddit, honestly. We're like group number three hundred and eight to spurn traditional relationship dynamics.

  35. Noted, but she probably does that for a lot of people. I wouldn't look too much into it tbh

  36. "The first act of violence that patriarchy demands of males is not violence toward women. Instead patriarchy demands of all males that they engage in acts of psychic self-mutilation, that they kill off the emotional parts of themselves."-Bell Hooks The Will to Change

  37. Literally the quote I was thinking of when I first read saw the OP image. Hauntingly accurate.

  38. I assume that, like the Dredge before them, the Valka could teach them how to reproduce with weaving.

  39. Or hell, one that particularly bugs me, Horus saying Sanguinius should have been Warmaster, and refusing to let Sanguinius get corrupted because he's afraid the Dark Gods would favor him more.

  40. The insecure ambitious Primarch is insecure and position seeking. What a surprise. You just described Horus's key character flaws and the whole reason he fell to start with.

  41. Love that this show will legitimize murder for a ‘good cause,’ but not eating meat.

  42. I'd say you could split the difference and have them especially venerate, or possibly be founded by St Ishtar. If you wanted something more proactive, she could be a living saint, or possibly inclined towards appearing in visions, martial miracles, etc. Or she was a theologian of great renown and your specific sisterhood are known as Ishtarites as a recognised sect of the Imperial Cult.

  43. So why don’t they just forcibly take the land like do in other countries. Here in Canada the city can evict you if they deem you a hindrance to expansion and development.

  44. They do. The resident appeals to the courts, that slows things briefly, and then the project goes ahead anyway.

  45. This isn't a private business thing, though. All of these projects go straight through various government apparatuses. And mostly it's an example of people losing court cases because the courts never find against the government.

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