1. The anti germany conspiracy nutjobs going at it already

  2. No they are just brainwashed. Now that I'm my 30s and not a teenager I can see how easily people were manipulated into war mongers to justify invading Iraq. We aren't even involved and you already have Americans cheering for the deaths of the kids the Russians are sending to get killed. As if they weren't brainwashed and manipulated as well. Just burn the whole godamn thing already. The planet will live on anyways.

  3. Germany introduce sanctions. Germany bypass sanctions. Germany smart!

  4. You've all heard of little dictator, now it's time for turtle dictator

  5. Since most of his wealth is hidden presumably in the West, how likely is it that a significant part of it may be uncovered and/or sanctioned in the future? Did he hide his assets well enough that they can withstand scrutiny now that an economic war is being waged against russia?

  6. Ok - done. Now what? What happens next, Jeremy, oh great geopolitical strategist? Everyone sit down in a circle, hold hands and just be nice?

  7. Then the communist utopia is realized where nobody has to work, everybody is rich and the state mandates everyone their own catgirl waifu.

  8. ruzzian propaganda bot whining about propaganda. The irony. ruzznya is getting desperate

  9. The other side of the coin is these are wages that get taxed and help finance the Russian war machine.

  10. Yeah and also so that they can resume their operations at any time which is the real reason for this and not "doing right by common man" bullshit.

  11. Coming from a country that was also sanctioned, no, you shouldn't. They hurt the average Joe while the ones on top are unscratched, and sometimes even come out richer due to the chaos the sanctions provoke. They also only end up building further resentment among those average Joes. Sanctioning the ones on top, their assets and all, that fine, but sanctioning an entire country you just hurt people like you and me.

  12. ruzzians are delusional and should be banned from everything Western

  13. Ukraine didn't have the codes for those nukes, and no ability to maintain them either.

  14. jwrx says:

    good luck to the Russian officers trying to explain to these mercs that its ok to rape/kill/loot some ukrainians...but not others

  15. It's cute that you think they don't rape """liberated""" women and children themselves

  16. We’ll keep the plant running. Henkel just lost money.

  17. Shouldn't you be fighting for sugar at the market or standing in a queue for food stamps? Silly little ruzzian, if you want to survive the year there's no time for shitposting.

  18. It may be time to start forcing American companies to actively pull all business interests out of China. You can't work with the communist or a fascist, because they are basically the same thing in the end. Of course Putin and Xi are chummy; both are degenerate monsters.

  19. While you are at it, could you please force all Western companies out of russia? I think it will go a long way to put pressure on them.

  20. nobody cares about nato anymore

  21. I brought up Americans because it’s an American website and I imagine chances are you are one. The point I’m making is people have a double standard with Ukraine actions and wouldn’t support those actions if they were done to their own troops.

  22. It’s a site that speaks English, end in .com and has a majority American user base. It’s an american website. Just because it can be accessed from anywhere doesn’t mean anything else. Chance are you’re American

  23. Whatever you say, Ivan. The audacity you have to whine about genocide when your country is perpetrating one right at this moment is just a cherry on top, illustrating what a trash piece of humanoid garbage you are.

  24. So from your pov they are stupid? There's a lot of people there. It surely means something

  25. Yeah, it’s a much better option to let the Russian citizens starve, even though a lot of food is being wasted in India simply due to too much being grown and made.

  26. When it's the literal same company/organisation doing both then yes?

  27. Yeah! The people whose lives are being destroyed shouldn't protest because "muh african children" and because 1-braincell redditors think it's hypocritical.

  28. Yeah, because you are posting on reddit, which is partly owned by china, which commits genocide, you should know every moral argument and/or objection you make in the future is hereby invalid and will be hypocrisy.

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