1. Standing on slippery river rocks with unsheathed Mora… dudes not going to make it very long.

  2. I have a cheap Lansky (only three stones, no diamond) but for whatever reason, I didn't like it the last time I used it. Was thinking of learning free hand instead. Maybe I'll try the Lansky again. Having it mounted would definitely be nicer. Holding the Lansky is kind of awkward

  3. Quality wet stones are definitely the best option in my opinion. I’m not very skilled with them yet that’s why I like the precision adjust.

  4. Working as an electrician, I was on a roof installing flood lights, had a older man that worked part time for us bring up a light bulb for me. About half way up the ladder he had a stroke and fell off. Sadly he passed hours later due to internal bleeding. He was about 65 years old.

  5. So...if you live in a colder climate... for your vehicle you might consider adding a small travel/neck pillow and a microfleece travel blanket. Good for naps in the car if you are traveling and need to pull over to rest for a bit. You can also strap them to the outside of your bag if desired. If climate is less moderate... maybe upgrade to something heavier like a wool blanket.

  6. Hate to revive an old post, but what light is that? It’s the perfect length for that setup.

  7. GG&G sells plenty of options for sling points at the mag end. You can buy a Noveske QD mount to put wherever you want in the stock. Then just get a good sling like Vickers, VTAC or MS1

  8. If you guys like the old timer sharp finger design but want one made in USA bear and sons makes one called the upswept skinner. $30

  9. Got the same one this Summer and absolutely love it. And I laugh everytime I choose 220 or 230. Not being able to set it at 225 is amusingly annoying.

  10. I Love the esse6, I really wanto get the esse5. Looks like a beast of a knife.

  11. But as they say in rural America, “It ain’t shine if you’re paying taxes!” 😆

  12. Palmetto State Armory Blem Freedom rifle kit, Blem PSA stripped stealth lower, UTG rear sight and Hanamo QD Sling, both from Amazon.

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