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  1. I don't know about the rattling but you need to clean the seams of your seats. When you vacume press down on the seats to easily make a gap then suck all that shit up!

  2. Pretty sure that’s a violation of federal law. Not sure what the penalty is though.

  3. I have read articles about it too. Matter a fact they were trying to make it a law. But it failed in the house.

  4. Ok, I think it’s my turn to do it, lads….

  5. Your right but I blame whoever invented the English language and those that translated it many many many times until we settled here one of the most complicated languages in the world.

  6. I’d say it’s simpler than having to learn Old English, Latin, French, Dutch, German, Italian, and a dozen others all at once, though! English has absorbed a lot of words and spelling rules.

  7. I think that’s why they say it’s one of the hardest languages to learn and even harder to master.

  8. That camera person just filmed the hole time and they were literally next door. How about put the camera down and help?

  9. This shit happens with nord all the time for me. I conmect to chicago and suddenly all the sites think im in Chechnya or Portugal or some shit.

  10. It happened to me too but with Mullvad vpn that’s one of the reasons I switched to Nord. I woke up one morning to check two of my devices to see if they were still connected from the last night. One ip check showed Russia the other one was in Ukraine. Kinda perplexed me for a second lol. I even posted about it here on Reddit.

  11. Good luck with changing your location with YouTube TV. I’ve tried and they instructed me to use my mobile device and then wanted me to turn on location services. Which will give up your true location as it’s GPS based and doesn’t go through your VPN. Also if you happened to change your location somehow they limit you to 2 changes a year.

  12. If you’re trying to recalibrate the BMS or do some cell balancing , yea hit the true 100%.

  13. The only feature in it that’s worth anything is auto lane change. Hardly worth 6k

  14. I subscribed to FSD for one month. When using auto change lanes it kept removing me from the carpool lane to the middle lane. There is no way to stop it from doing so.

  15. That’s really interesting. I’m new to the whole VPN world so wasn’t expecting this sort of problem.

  16. It looks like it’s a problem a lot of people have with that VPN.

  17. Wow, I appreciate you looking that up. Makes me feel less paranoid that I’m not the only one. Definitely gonna change VPN. I just heard a lot of good things about Mullvad so I thought I would give them a try.

  18. I would go with a more mainstream one like PIA, Nord or ExpressVPN.

  19. Exactly, I’m gonna try Nord next. Hopefully that will do the trick. Thanks again for your help!

  20. "every time I go to tp-links website it thinks I’m in Ukraine, so I adjust it to US. But when I go to update the firmware it warns me to update it in the region I purchased it. Then it forwards me to the Ukrainian or maybe Russian website (it’s in Russian language maybe)" - that's normal, if you are using a vpn app on your computer

  21. Thank you that did work. I guess I’m not familiar with how VPN’s work? This is my first time using one. I figured if I was using a VPN server located in the US that it would recognize that I’m in the US when updating my router or even looking up my ip (which it does most times).

  22. All this has started happening since I decided to get a VPN. Mullvad VPN to be specific. Never had any problems with security but thought it’s cheap and an extra layer of security so why not. I keep my VPN locations mostly in the US but once in a while it’s fun to visit sites while the VPN is secured in a distant country (I think this is the root of the problems) as familiar sites show different content. I like the idea of a VPN but Definitely gonna try a different one after this.

  23. It is nice. Very capable of functioning as a daily driver, even in beta. However, I have to visit a foreign language website regularly. The built in translation functionality of Safari is sorely missed. I imagine it will appear in DDG at some point.

  24. I can see how the translation feature would be useful I actually could use it myself to translate some Russian website I keep getting forwarded too.

  25. I have had only one Phantom breaking issue in 28k miles and one bad experience where it almost caused me to crash. But that was the first time driving it home from the dealership.

  26. After posting this I had a phantom breaking incident. I was with my friend explaining to him while driving about phantom breaking m. About 20 min later I got one. We were both like are we being watched and listened to but Tesla lol. Hope not.

  27. Are you really asking who's fault it would be if you reversed and ran over a cyclist?

  28. Yeah a bit of a dumb question lol. Not sure where I was going with that. I guess if the semi made me reverse into the cyclist I would still be accountable. Just doesn’t seem fair.

  29. More semi drivers that don’t know how to make a wide turn, watched one the other day almost wipe out all the lights because he took the turn way too tight (and had a huge intersection all to himself).

  30. Yeah well you don’t need to be a genius to get your CDL. I have a friend that just got his for driving a city bus. He said it was super easy they practically give them out to anyone.

  31. That's an old CVE. Looks like someone spamming attacks on any infrastructure that seems to be running NTP. Hard to know exactly what's going on without more detailed network logs.

  32. Ok thank you. I sent the logs off to my VPN provider. Just waiting to here back. I haven’t notice anything to weird other then the IP being routed to those countries. Hopefully that’s the end of that.

  33. I woke up this morning and it looked like whatever this was forwarded two of my devices (iPad, iPhone) IP’s to Russia and the other to Kiev Ukrain. I had a VPN on too and it was showing different location then what was showing from a “find my IP” sites where I looked them up. So I changed my locations on the VPN then did another web search for my actual IP and they were still in Ukraine and Russia. So from there I rebooted my devices which did the trick. Any ideas of what was going on?

  34. FML this happens all the time where I live. I will be approaching semi’s at 80mph (10mph over) in the fast lane with no one around but then all of a sudden they decide to pass each other at 20mph below my speed (their limit is 60mph). So frustrating. I loath semi’s.

  35. I watched your video and that same thing happened to me while I was sitting at a light one time!! Except he was inches away from hitting the front of my car head on and didn’t even see me until I laid on my horn. Then he started waving his arms all crazy at me and yelling like it was my fault and made me back up. A cop saw the whole thing and didn’t do shit

  36. Wow, what a coincidence or maybe it just happens more then I thought? Cant believe he waved his hands at you after honking. Some semi driver’s truly think they own the road and your just an inconvenience.

  37. I took my MYP to the mountain skiing with the original tires the car came with without putting on any chains. There was snow on the ground and I skidded on ice and almost died. I would 100% recommend changing the tires if you live where there’s snow on the ground.

  38. I agree. I’ve been up skiing with my stock tires and it’s a bit uncomfortable. I’ve heard that the overall performance of the MY is less then stellar even with winter tires. But adjusting the settings of the acceleration and steering goes along way in improving drivability.

  39. Problem is if YOU made mistake while you were backing up and hit him (turn the wheel the wrong way) or another car it would be your fault.

  40. Your 100% correct, the problem is that he could’ve (indirectly) caused an accident by almost running over me and forcing me backwards. Even if he’s not at fault legally. His negligence or lack of experience still could’ve caused an accident.

  41. Yes, well said. I guess I got lucky not hitting anyone or anything. My instincts just kicked in. I really thought I was going to get ran over if I didn’t move. I even feared for my life for a split second. If you notice in the video the bicyclist kinda came outa no where. Didn’t see him till it was all over or I might’ve reacted differently.

  42. Another brilliant post from the Donald. Can he incriminate himself anymore blatantly. It’s so funny how stupid our former president is (actually sad and frightening) and how many semi intelligent people blindly follow him.

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