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  1. Levi didn't avenge her or her family - he worked alongside the bitch who murdered her in the ending. sasuga isayama excellent writing.

  2. /uh tho okbh humor is becoming popular over there, I think this might still be a bit too spicy for them

  3. This sub has practically taken over okbh humour - except drama posts and rrats.

  4. quite a few of the talents artists have done fgo work, the following have done servants

  5. Still shook me a bit to learn the illustrator of steins gate was Kiaras papa. Suddenly I’m rewatching steins gate thinking .. 🤔 yo these guys all look like kiara

  6. the ban on cunny has had devastating effects on gura's income. she bought a house I heard too, times be tough for her rn

  7. What does this have to do with titanfolk? Or Aot in general?

  8. Vinland Saga is a commonly suggested anime in these circles when people have ended AOT and want an actually good anime

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