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  1. I got the dimensions for the template by cutting down an old tee until it looked about the same as the vest I had in mind, then outlined it on paper. All pieces from the template use the floral tapestry. The neck is made of an elastic ribbing folded in half. The zipper is a 20” brass zipper. There is also a small amount of cordura used behind the right hand side of the zipper (not exactly sure what this is for but I saw other vests had it and liked how it looked).

  2. The fabric behind the zip is there to prevent your shirt from getting caught in the zipper, aiui.

  3. But i'm not sure if everyone wants untargeted ads.

  4. I want untargeted ads because I don't want them to make me buy anything! Much easier to ignore when they're not relevant to me

  5. Back in the late 90s when monitors were chunkier than the PC cases, I had my background set to tiny black and white houndstooth. I love this.

  6. My mug and membership card are long gone but I still wear my beano club t shirt 17 years later.

  7. Idk about other dudes here, but for me insults just lost their meaning since we would jokingly insult each other all the time growing up

  8. Totally the same for me and my female friends! The compliments are sincere, the insults are jokes. You can do both.

  9. Yeah, I wasn't asked this with bank details.

  10. I called up to get my refund and didn't have to answer any awkward questions. If you call first thing when the lines open you should only be waiting 10 minutes at most.

  11. His energy just works so well with kids. The movie is so pure and fun without any giant stakes or forced romance.

  12. I thought it was pure and fun when I was a teenager, but as an adult I was so uncomfortable about him just removing a chunk of their education.

  13. You’re 100% right. They are so much tamer now. Now they’re just candy instead of the mouth pain I truly desire.

  14. Barnett's Mega Sours are way worse than warheads or toxic waste. If you really want pain, I can hook you up

  15. UK based and looking for every flavour of peep you can provide. What's your budget, and are there any particular products you're looking for?

  16. Maybe some of us should sit in the cold and reflect on how many times we’ve been warm at the expense of a war crime.

  17. Ok sure, the majority of people can just put on a sweater. But for aged or vulnerable members of the population, it could kill.

  18. Soooo what do u do with child lock on… you’re technically stuck

  19. That's are a lot of jokes, but genuinely: wind down the window and pull the handle from the outside

  20. I'm sorry about that, in my screen they look pretty alright, but I'm guessing different screens with different outputs will make the contrast come out stronger than it does here.

  21. I second the suggestion for alteted title colours

  22. Definitely this, my ADHD came with auditory processing issues and it makes it much more difficult to catch everything when someone changes what they said when I ask them to repeat it. I know it's usually good intentioned, they're trying to simplify or rephrase to make it easier but when I already got half of what you said down and just need to hear the bit I missed, but you've changed it and now it's a whole new thing to hear, it throws my brain off because I was looking just for the part I missed and now I've missed even more than the first time

  23. my partner drives me crazy with this. Pleeeaaaase just say the first half of the sentence again

  24. If you're on your mobile, there are a bunch of ASCII emotes built into your keyboard, under the smiley (´ω`)

  25. To be fair lobster was plentiful and they boiled and mashed it shell and all into a paste to be served to prisoners.

  26. For anyone else finding this through Google years down the line...

  27. How'd you get 15%? That seems a bit high. I wonder if you just took the difference in density of sugar vs water?

  28. Well, yeah, I don't know what drinks people are making, so the only percentages I can be certain about are the density and volume of the water : sugar

  29. It looks like you shared an AMP link. These should load faster, but AMP is controversial because of

  30. Meet Bradley Chadstone, the vain, charismatic and slightly magical Barbarian 5/Fighter 3, and his wacky new pirate crew: Sooshee the quaggan rogue and sushi chef who apparently dislikes sleeping alone; Glup'narp the grung cleric who's obsessed with this weird possibly-time-travelling broccoli; Flak Blaster the asuran artificer, more concerned about invention than morals. NPCs also along for the ride: Meatloaf, the raptor who pulls the sushi cart; and Adeia, a mage whose friends we all murdered (in our defence, they attacked first) before her timeline was reset, and now she's following us around??

  31. arguably, if god was not real, man would have had to invent him . I don’t think man can live without faith, whether it be religion or any ideology..I once asked some Christians proselytizing to me what difference it made if god made man or man made god. They were horrified at the thought. I think it’s more likely it is the second. It’s almost a biological meme and therefore don’t expect it to ever disappear as it ebbs and flows with good times and bad ones

  32. I don't think it's that "man cannot live without faith" but more that "some men needed a way to control other men and making up stories about a third party with ultimate power is really effective for that"

  33. I've installed countless lighting systems on tank trailers and dozens of other styles of heavy equipment trailers....

  34. As a Brit visiting the US, I found it incredibly confusing. "Gawd these people brake a lot when driving"

  35. Reminds me of earlier in my campaign, we stumbled across an obscure establishment called “Bound to Please”. I was thinking “oh that kind of place, eh? I wonder if my DM will have to RP as the other kind of dungeon master.” Went inside to find out. Turns out it was a bookshop.

  36. Related: triggered the porn filter at work when looking at boundbycooksey. I was worried I'd get into trouble so I submitted a correction to get it whitelisted as art/business. I just wanted to look at pretty books on my lunch break

  37. My dad once told me that all the gold we have found on earth would only be enough for a 20x20m cube

  38. If the guy above you who claims 187000 mined tons is correct then that correlates!

  39. Why can’t people sit in chairs normally?

  40. I've been playing serious characters with epic emotional backstories for years and I finally decided to just make a fun stupid character. And thus was born Bradley Chadstone, the vain, charismatic Barbarian/Fighter, who's decided to take up adventuring in order to avoid getting a real job as his family's business fails.

  41. "in the target's inventory" is the clearest version

  42. Our cleric wasn't around for the last session. DM hit me and took me below zero, then announced a second successful attack before I could say I was unconscious. Then it was my turn. Rolling that one and only death save was butthole clenching for sure. Luckily I succeeded and our rogue rolled exactly 10 on a stabilise.

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