John Fetterman’s official portrait just dropped

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  1. ….good….self-aware….bot? (please don’t hurt us)

  2. Imagine not being able to flick the bean without your husband getting a text ratting you out.

  3. Yo seriously, let the woman have her buzz time in peace

  4. Love this pleco so much! I have a large L306 that lives to hang in front of my powerhead!

  5. Sir Suction is my pride and joy - except when he decides to uproot my baby plants. He hangs out there at night now; if I get up in the middle of the night I’ll see him just vibin’.

  6. That's just classic I'm gonna see if I can make one like yours for my pleco!

  7. Buce Plant sells the glass lily pipe set that I have! They’re great

  8. This showed up in my reddit email and was the first thing I saw this morning when I checked my emails. I snort-laughed. So thank you for that lol

  9. I'm obviously not a very good troll because I thought this was way too obvious for anyone to actually bite. And yet.

  10. Dont these racist drumpf supporters realize that the economy was way worse under drumpf than it is now under Biden?

  11. It’s partially returned, but not entirely. Pain sensation was the first to come back, which is fabulous. It still just feels weird.

  12. Ok so what about people who get deployed, Netflix.

  13. Okay whew! I thought there was shit talk going on. When really the production of Lord of the Rings is practically Providence for how much of it DIDN’T go wrong and how much the cast and crew seemed to genuinely vibe.

  14. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph what the fuck is wrong with these people. FBI, are you reading this shit? You should be.

  15. I can't imagine plaster molds felt good for those that had hair.

  16. I have the same Bisley cabinets and I loooove them 🤍🤍 where did you get your divider and bobbins?

  17. Hahahaha he looks so annoyed to have to wear a suit

  18. I was really really hoping he’d wear a hoodie with a Congressional pin slapped on it. But alas.

  19. I was so hoping for a sweatshirt with the Congressional pin on it. Alas.

  20. What a fabulous idea; someone call Hooters ASAP

  21. I bet it's some andrew tate cult horseshit we see every once in a while since he's been arrested

  22. You’re probs right, and I refuse to google to confirm.

  23. I’m so so glad my grandparents never said anything other than Brazil Nut.

  24. She’s a beautiful, feisty, red and teal-y blue combo giant, and she rules her 16 gallons with an iron fin.

  25. what temp does your thermometer read and how big of a tank? i see u have ur heater past the 81° mark but i also have the same fluval heater (if that is the 15 gal 50w one i can’t tell) and ik that in my 5.5 gal i have to keep the knob a little under the 75° mark for my thermometer to read 78°

  26. I have a 16 gal rimless tank. I prefer to keep the tank at 80 degrees F and that’s where it’s at. Due to the large open surface space, the water cools very quickly, so the thermometer has to work more to keep the water at a stable temperature. It’s easier to compensate if it’s set higher.

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