My friend/coworker has been talking about his birthday for 2 months. He invited a lot of people and they said yes. No one from work showed up but me

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  1. sets MMTLP sell limit order to 1500$ and grabs popcorn

  2. Just waiting for Fidelity to let me set mine that high. Last time I check the highest I could set was $51.

  3. Keep a lot of stress guard on hand to help replenish his slime coat as you work

  4. So what exactly happens next? Do they have to terminate the pregnancy or is it possible for the pregnancy to continue like this?

  5. This is a nonviable pregnancy. Pregnancies that implant outside of the uterus are always nonviable; there is no stable dedicated blood supply to support a developing fetus, and they very rarely last beyond a few weeks, let alone 23 weeks.

  6. Best modern-day application of Latin ever. Fantastic!

  7. I worked in an obgyn office and sometimes had use a clamp to hold the cervix in place then use a tool to dilate the cervix to insert IUDs and like, it didn’t always happen. The dilator was like a thin piece of wire, so even comparing to a pencil is generous. I doubt his penis did anything to the cervix but hit where the opening is.

  8. Having had many an iud inserted and hating every single nauseating second of each one, if my partner tried to penetrate my cervix, I would be spurred by the pain to attempt his murder.

  9. So...... missionary with the knees tucked? Got it. Someone throw this whole man away.

  10. Can’t even recycle that one. Straight to the landfill he goes.

  11. We really need to get more kids passing biology in high school. This shit is just embarrassing.

  12. Well, put that in a ziplock so police have finger prints for your vandalism report for flat tires, then your insurance will buy you a new set of tires.

  13. I'm sipping my beer SFC, I'm really calm RN. Nice thunderstorm going on at the moment, listening to some tunes, all good.

  14. Yes Surely, No Milk for Lactose intolerant people. Sorry, I should have mentioned that before hand.

  15. There’s a difference between lactose intolerance and allergy. Allergies can kill people. It’s important to have a range of alternatives available; several of the alternatives are nut-based, and those can also trigger allergies. I read the articles referenced and the site in general, and it is very one-sided and biased.

  16. Idk, I feel like a good friend wouldn’t karma-farm off their buddy getting crushed like this.

  17. I’ve never had someone ask, and I’ve worked for the BNoble for over a year 📚

  18. Just tried ibkr, accepted a sell price limit of $10 on mmat

  19. Lol, sell limit has been at 500$ for months now.

  20. Bookselling slave here; don’t worry, additional sizes will be released. Publishers like to start with their own particular order - varies between countries.

  21. If you decide it bothers you enough that you want to return it and wait for a different format to release.

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