1. May I interest you in this brand new thing called cropping?

  2. Yeah... if it was 5.56 link with a 249 in the background it would be funny.

  3. Also r/ ak47butcooler is a fun place. They won't ban you for having feet in your gun pics.

  4. Oh didn’t realize you said 556, gunna be loud! I guess 762 is anyway lol

  5. Can try the free route, if it takes too long cancel it and give Uncle Sam your money lol paid apps are quick

  6. There's also the spicier free route...

  7. It should pair nicely with another of your new products 😉

  8. At this point I should just rebrand to Ligma & Scrotum

  9. Dammit. Now I have to explain why I bust out laughing while my wife was doing bedtime with the little one.

  10. Can you comment the link? I'm too lazy to type

  11. It looks just like the $100 one I have on mine

  12. Thank you for not being a screeching feminist. You have no idea how rare you are on reddit.

  13. I used to be. Then I finally got exposed to multiple viewpoints and, well, real life

  14. Well your mate sounds like a lucky guy.

  15. Did he say he was gonna ban assault weapons or something?

  16. Yeah. A lot of units don't even have those yet.

  17. Nope. That was Def not on my drinking game rules... but I did get obliterated very quickly.

  18. Does anyone make any kind of adjustable gas system so you can suppress it?

  19. Just use something without crazy back pressure and you should be fine (I only uave a 30 cal can to use)

  20. Right?! Imma have to sell some stuff tho. I'm out of space. Like... completely.

  21. It’s an AK I swear it just got put on a diet!!

  22. Rs regulate side mounts were in stock somewhere yesterday. Join us at r/ vz58

  23. Can I introduce you to the image in wikipedia:

  24. That does look good. Get some furniture with palm swells, add a 74 break and it would pop!

  25. Does that include "previous administration"?

  26. Well I don't want to be thaaaat sober

  27. ah if it was Carolina Shooters Supply I could’ve helped you get it replaced.

  28. I don’t work there anymore, I can ask for you though… Check their website as well.

  29. It was a long shot. Just surplus 7.62 mags

  30. Any single port muzzle break is the best flash hider for a mini draco.

  31. Gorgon stare is over a decade old now

  32. Also yes, but for reasons I can't get into because of stuff... they don't use the satellites as much in CONUS.

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