1. This video is at least 6 years old. It's amazing how instead of new content, the old stuff just keeps getting recycled over and over again. You can quit Reddit for 3 to 5 years. Come back and still see the same stuff you saw 3 to 5 years ago....at least 50% of the posts...

  2. do you mean that shadows are too bright? Now that you mention it maybe, I'll try to change it in post process. Thanks!

  3. hm i mean like you have many structures and trees in your map but no shadows seem to be baked into the map tiles, would add extra detail for 0 cost

  4. you can try using the tagging system, my teammates usually react to things i ping and i find it really useful when they do it

  5. Crap, now he's going to have to cut his finger off.

  6. Yeah me too but they usually always die so quick that the window of opportunity to do it is insanely small

  7. I run it one of for link climb or when i am turbo bricked to get into hayate to start a combo.

  8. Kept the ciggie in his mouth the whole time like a trooper

  9. I haven't seen this but I'd like to know more about it. Do you do the step counter before the WA counter?

  10. no idea i dont think the WA works when your not using it during a PA like when your using pbf and you get hit and still fall down...

  11. Audacity is a pretty basic editor. Try something like Pro Tools or Reaper, play around with different effects. Making music is more of a lifelong pursuit than just "how to make x".

  12. well im look for something really simple so i think i can do it in a week... thanks ill take a look though

  13. You can do it in a week if you put the time into it. You might need to adjust your expectations about how easy music production is though.

  14. Itll be a while before i can work on my soundtrack forsure need to go through everything give them my own definitions since i cant make sense of 90% of the manuals / read mes

  15. wow they just give these ranks away lmao imagine winning with JQ at all must be DPS canyon up there

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