What is your favourite “dead” video game franchise?

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  1. I was supposed to get their service last year...still waiting.

  2. I’m in my first job out of college. I work in a 4-year-old finance company which is supposed to be highly regulated but those regulations are not taught well to new employees. It’s a hot mess. I stayed because the people are nice but I feel most employees are not being set up for success to stay compliant with our own procedures. Internal controls are not communicated well. To be fair, we are trying to figure it out as a team and it is new to everyone. But still, the problems are not addressed well enough. I obviously don’t have the skills nor experience to make a judgement except on how I feel & I feel like quitting. There is a reward for getting through the tough times of a new company, but it’s extremely stressful now.

  3. Those problems are in most well established companies as well. Oversite is a joke.

  4. I'm just an observer for now, but I do want to do some ice fishing at some point. However, I do not have the fishing green thumb.

  5. Check out the small boat harbor. Lots of people ice fishing down there.

  6. I'm not sure why they don't just let your pre order and then you get in a line. Bots will still snatch up the early ones but then you'll eventually get one in a reasonable amount of time. Rather then just being out of luck until stock stabilizes. Win win for everybody involved.

  7. Damn how shallow was that laker that you caught it on a vibrax??

  8. I think when he bit it was 15 to 20 feet of water. It was a rather large pond up in the mountains.

  9. Is this from a series? Can you please provide some details? I'd love to watch it.

  10. Im a sucker for Fancy Yanceys bacon smoked gouda. They've got a wasabi gouda that is suprisingly good.

  11. Since they also put crumbled blue cheese on it I will let it slide.

  12. EMGO 7/8in. Street Chopper T-Bar. Very comfortable and really improved the handling for me over the stock bars.

  13. Thanks, yeah the stock bullhorn bars on those bikes are awefule.

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