1. It's not that coal might run out that's the problem with coal. The problem is that it won't.

  2. There seems to be some correlation to climate. It seems people don't like extreme cold or extreme hot.

  3. Yes, except the solution of socialists is to give the politician more power in the vain hope that things will change whereas libertarians realise that bribery is inevitable and the only solution is to make the bribe as meaningless as possible by removing the power of the politician.

  4. Actually, the power should go to the voters. That means robust controls that limit the power of both politicians and doners.

  5. Their web page appears current and they still promote PC points. I know PC sold their financial business to CIBC.

  6. "Buff" is a relative term. You can certainly significantly improve body composition and fitness within 6 months. The faq/wiki has lots of details.

  7. That is exactly the type of coffee pot I use, right down to the replacement glass top. Perked coffee is the best. I like my coffee stronger so I let it perk longer than shown in the video.

  8. This is why there should be universal coverage of health care and a universal basic income. Then people like this could keep most of what they earn. That would require everyone to pay their fair share of taxes though, and that's not going to happen as long as the rich have power over politics.

  9. Table pushaways and fork put downs. Fat loss is caused by a calorie deficit. Do that first and then look to the faq on

  10. Everyone know that Nestle always has a right to take anyone's water, repackage it and sell it for a profit. It simply the way of the world order. On the other hand, access to free life giving clean drinking water is not a right. It is a right to buy it from Nestle though.

  11. It could be any kind of underground installation, like access to underground pipes or cables, or septic or water tank. Is it on public or private land?

  12. That could have been a lot worse.

  13. Get adequate protein and fibre and match calories to requirements. Minimize highly processed foods.

  14. Increased immigration is one way we can grow our economy. If we only count on natural expansion, our economy will probably be less than with robust immigration. Not all economists agree with this.

  15. Cheese knife. Probably a countertop one for a small grocery store.

  16. Not stocks themselves, but there are funds made up of stocks that are safer investments. ETFs are generally the best and cheapest options. Ask at your bank.

  17. http://www.qorpak.com/category/1818/pyrex-low-actinic-volumetric-flasks-with-stopper

  18. Your father's right. We're being invaded.

  19. Looks very similar indeed. The side says Lt, so I’m thinking it may be a training aid.

  20. That Lt.Col or Lieutenant Colonel, which Americans would write LTC. Canadians write it the way on the item.

  21. LTC for US Army, USMC and USAF use Lt Col

  22. The uniform is similar to several countries. If you had details of the hat badge or buttons that would help. Is there any memorabilia around associated with this man?

  23. The burn is irrelevant. Here's how to do them.

  24. This looks like a climate denier site. All their stories have a negative slant towards renewables.

  25. Irrigation circle. I believe it's in the faq.

  26. Phone, introduce yourself, tell him you're doing family research and would like to interview him about people in his past. Most older people like to talk about their past. The often remember details from the past better than current events.

  27. That's quite a response to a short comment.

  28. I discuss things at length. Brevity is not my strong point; even if it were, I tend to prefer detailed responses in many cases. Case in point...

  29. I'm not American so I'm not going to comment on a program I don't understand, however, it seems to me that the least effective and most unfair way to pay for UBI is through a payroll tax. You need to be able to tap into the extreme income people and the wealth hoarders. Payroll taxes won't reach those pools of extreme funds.

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