1. I played the originals about 10-15 years ago and they blew my mind. GAMMA is where it’s at though.

  2. Even if you did it on purpose, it’s their fault for eating it because it’s your food. Anybody that disagrees is just another person that steals food from their room mates. Sucks to suck.

  3. You need to assert dominance. Crawl up to your team mates and start punching them

  4. A few years ago I had a UD rogue named Robertmueller and came across a gnome mage named Donaldtrump in Hillsbrad. I ganked him and corpse camped him for about an hour till they got the message.

  5. This chick is one huge red flag. I understand it was nice for you to feel a warm, attractive female body pressed up against you, but too many things could have gone wrong here. Stay away from her.

  6. Controller players will always be out played by mouse and keyboard. I’ve got over 2k hours in Mordhau

  7. Hell fucking yeah. I wish you had let him know right before why you were going to kill him. Maybe he’d have begged before you shot him

  8. It was really cool having their conference here. It’s a shame to see it go to Houston but that’s also a fun city as well

  9. Why were you going to Clarkwood to sit around sober and not drink?

  10. When I use rapier I only allow myself to do slashes, no stabs, no shield.

  11. I would be super down for a server like this if somehow inventory add-ons were still allowed. I just can't go back to vanilla inventory

  12. Patrolling high level elites are a necessary evil. Better a player die from not paying attention alone in the open world than during an instance group where they take you with them.

  13. Dude let’s turn off all our add ons then. That could be fun for a true HC experience

  14. That ellipsis joke is fucking gold and if they can’t appreciate, they’re bad for you. Period.

  15. That dude has problems. All he had to do was say “Lol no get a new drink” or, if he’s like me, actually switch drinks and enjoy the IPA.

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