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  1. Do you think anyone else could have led the NDP to victory? I mean she took second place and DESTROYED the liberals for a second time in a row.

  2. I mean, I can understand her wanting to step down to let new leadership have a stab at the next election, I mean, eventually. But this is... She won her seat and her party did pretty good for themselves.

  3. A Favoured Soul, a Wizard, a Dwarf Fighter which a cursed weapon that contained the soul of a devil and slowly transformed him to be more devilish in appearance and abilities over the years, a halfling rogue who liked to prank the wizard, and a baby dragon.

  4. No shit....there are?? Wow...thanks captain obvious.

  5. I've asked my neighbour to look after my place and I've looked after theirs. It's not uncommon when you aren't there.

  6. Yeah, its kind of a non issue. They either know the new owners or disliked the old ones. Either way they were acting properly

  7. Had my appointment at the German consulate for a visa on Monday.

  8. That must be exciting. Is it hard to get into Germany? And does that then let you go EU wide?

  9. If you're educated and have a decent resume then you're in the other half go visit a nice suburb in a city like Chicago or Detroit or the east coast or Cincinnati or something they're all in driving range of Ontario. Good job markets in a lot of these places and usually lower costs of living.

  10. Nice. My best friend from Highschool moved down to the US (dual citizenship) in his 20s. He initially went to Duluth just outside of Atlanta and it was exactly as you say. He moved on to New Orleans after the last rebuild. I thought he was nuts be he loves it down there. He's been self employed most of the time in a couple different industries.

  11. If they leave their relationship while their ODSP is reduced to 0, they have no money to move out with?

  12. Oh there are options there. If you are completely disqualified from ODSP you can start with OW. They have resources to help people fleeing domestic violence. Also if they are female, there are women's only shelters that will take them in and have social workers who can get them priority access to OW/ODSP workers.

  13. Okay but the solution to that is just don't take it away from married people either. Both are not fair. Sorry you don't understand that

  14. We're talking about illegal, I was specific. And YOU specified shoplifting. We're not talking about the crime, we're talking about stealing from a store. Again, your specifics.

  15. I'm not upset in the slightest. Not sure what gave you that impression. Just stating what I know. That's all.

  16. Lol I guess I gotta learn to use more emojis, I always come off like a dick on the internet 🤷‍♂️. I get it all the time I'm a fairly easy going human irl

  17. Me too. I tend to be direct and honest and apparently that comes off as mean or aggressive to people who disagree with me lol

  18. The only reason the cons didn’t is because dougie KEPT the bigots in his party.

  19. Really? Ok, please educate me. What are the names of the candidates that were proven to be racists along with a link to that proof?

  20. What are you on about? No one is telling them what they should want. The people that have nothing, will continue to suffer now. No ODSP increase, a continuation of privatizing health care, cuts to green initiatives, etc. You can want whatever you want, but those of us who are the have-nots, will continue to see a backslide in our quality of life thanks to more conservative bullshit.

  21. What are you on about? They are telling people what is good from them and they don't know.

  22. I don’t see the squandered opportunity either. People aren’t upset with Ford, outside of this sub.

  23. She took 2nd place by a long way. That's a pretty solid victory for the NDP. They don't end up 2nd often and she's done that twice now.

  24. It's not just your time at that job that counts. It's your time in any EI covered hours over the last year

  25. Proof that reddit is just a small echo chamber, that or we just discovered that the vast majority of Ontarions don't have their fucking heads screwed on straight

  26. I was talking to a coworker and I mentioned how I BELIEVE the cons want privatized healthcare because it will put money in the pockets of their doners, etc. She told me she’s still going to vote PC because ‘that doesn’t affect me’

  27. She's right. You are ignorant on the issue if you don't realize that 100% of health care in Ontario other than hospitals are already privatized, and 7 hospital are private, including one that is for profit, and have been since single payer was brought it

  28. I don't like Trudeau, but what rules are you talking about?

  29. The laws and regulations passed by his government and introduced by his ministers.

  30. No we applied for EI and they rolled it over into CERB

  31. Yeah, its almost as crazy as all the major grocery stores conspiring to fix the price of bread and other necessities. They would never do that...oh wait, they did.

  32. Seriously lol? Have you looked at the basket of goods they use? If you actually think that retailers are manipulating the price of goods based on the consumer price index then just wow.

  33. That will create some real stress if the seat counts are close or be completely anti-climactic if its a massive PC sweep

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