Wealth Inequality in America visualized

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  1. Most likely similar curve. My hunch tells me that there are more outliers in Mid & Eastern EU. Middle East also. Think oil magnates that hide their wealth. It is very well possible that some of them could be trillionaires while there are no confirmed trillionaires in western world (slim to none chance). Could be wrong. Just a hunch.

  2. Nicely put, will do. Dollar for ninety sounds reasonable. Looking forward sharing my magic dollars with other dollar buyers and dollar makers. Praise dollars and mighty dollar makers. Praise.

  3. Imagine this, you getting sprayed with water that amongst others you payed for by the guy that amongst others you are paying for. Its sickening.

  4. Niceeee and the package plastic was put inside the iron man so no trash whatsoever.

  5. Pro tip: shorter title and add a description next time :)

  6. Most likely commentators got rekt by FTX as it seems they had emotional attachments towards FTX judging by the context

  7. Craig Wright is a fucking moron who lost access to his own crypto, twice!

  8. To aliens : on planet Earth there is currently confusion between formatted as female and formatted as male.

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