1. About to turn 55 and never saw "Kiki's Delivery Service" and plan to treat myself on my birthday to renting and watching it.

  2. Freya Noelle is beautiful! Loveeee Wyatt! My boyfriend is a Wyatt Richard. I like the way Wyatt sounds with a three syllable middle name, I think it flows nice. Wyatt Benjamin, Wyatt Zachary, and Wyatt Dominic are my suggestions.

  3. I like those, but Zachary is not an option. My oldest is Zachary Frederic lol

  4. Damn this hits close to home. My friend just filed and got her divorce, all within 2 days. Her ex didn't cheat, he was just manipulative and condescending throughout their marriage. She finally had enough on Saturday and told him "I want a divorce". No kids together makes things easier, but the ex thinking they will get you back doesn't. Be prepared for the ex to tell their story and make you the bad guy OP, sounds like she will. My friends ex certainly has, but he is a diagnosed narcissist as well. Best of luck to you in the future, not all women are like your ex.

  5. My right hand will typically hurt worse than my left because I'm right handed and I use it more. I'm not sure if that's normal for everyone, but that's my experience.

  6. Thank you for your input. I just don't know whats going on and looking for anything it could be. Just wanted to see what others go through

  7. Nah, people complain about the self-serve coffee at the gas station going up every year when taxes/inflation are recalculated. And these are regulars I ring up every single day. Just plain old drip coffee that's been sitting in a carafe for up to two hours

  8. My gas station sells coffee for $1 a cup. I have about 3 customers that will spend $5+ on coffee instead of making it at home. They will drive from their house to the gas station for a $1 cup of freaking coffee.

  9. Our cheapest is $1.99 for 12oz now, and nearing $3 (2 and some change, the register does the remembering for me) for 24oz. The best part is, we also sell grounds for a coffee maker, as well as K-cups. And yet folks still complain about the price, or how the coffee isn't less than 15 minutes old when they come in at 3 in the morning. You pay a price for convenience, my friends.

  10. People who buy most of the things at a gas station. I sold a guy a dozen eggs for $8 the other day. We sell bread for $3 a loaf and it isn't even good bread. People buy our Vienna sausages for $1.50 a can. It's ridiculous. BTW our coffee is $1 for a 12 oz, owner says he doesn't want to change it because it's been that way forever. And I hate the ones who drop in at 8 pm wanting fresh coffee. I'm not making you fresh an hour before we close.

  11. I recently found these sticky notes at target and I thought I would share.

  12. Lol I was thinking I could put these on sticky notes myself 😆

  13. I loved Pete the cat when I taught preschool. Such fun little stories for the kids. Would have loved to make something like this to wear back then

  14. It would make for a metal pair of gerbils tbh

  15. I see the suggestion a lot "people need childcare! Open a daycare at your house!" YeHhhhh setting aside that you likely need at least a little money to get started (childproofing stuff, baby/child play equipment, storage space) most people probably should not watch children full time. Most people are not equipped to take care of the needs of a group of children all day, five days per week, with no breaks and making it sound like this easy peasy way to rake in $$$ is doing a disservice to children and families.

  16. Plus there are so many rules to follow! I worked in a day care and DHR could pop in at any time and inspect you. You cannot halfass childcare!

  17. So fun fact, in my state you can watch up to four kids if one of them is your own and not need any kind of license or inspection or anything. Which was the deal with the one we visited a few weeks ago.

  18. That's true. Those scare me cause they dont have to have all the safety measures in place, so they may not. They are also not trained. I had to work 420 hours with kids and have 100 hours of childcare education to get my CDA.

  19. You already know YTA. You are the type of person who would feed a child with an allergy that food just to see what happens. There's no way they could not eat that food for an actual reason /s. I would not trust you with my children either. The fact that you had to come here asking when everyone around you is telling you tell me all I need to know about you and your husband. And you need to work on your own child. Only chicken nuggets is not a good diet at all.

  20. Haha this stood out to me too. 36 hour work weeks, must be European. Come over to America where we work over 40+ on average, with 10 days of PTO a year, and then tell me how much you want to quit your job. The entitlement and immaturity of this guy, he’s gotta be in his early 20s or something and just married young.

  21. You get 10 days??? I work 35 -45 hours a week, take care of the house 50/50 with my husband, get the kids to school and doctors etc, and I don't get any pto. When I was a sahm my husband never got entitled about my spending as long as the bills were paid. Op, YTA

  22. This is why I get mad when people comment about me being pescatarian (vegetarian but I also eat seafood). I have made major diet changes because suddenly all meat made my stomach hurt. I'm not trying to get anyone else to change their diet or anything, but I don't want to be lumped in with people who act like this. I don't want people to get the wrong idea about me. It's bad that so many vegans have this mindset. I hope you can get your wife back, that is an absolutely devastating situation to be in.

  23. My ALT was normal and my AST slightly elevated when I had labs done in June. I've had urq pain since about March. Waiting to see what my labs will look like this month. I've also been dieting and I've lost 15 lbs.

  24. No. Nothing I've done has improved it. Thankfully its just a dull pain most of the time.

  25. Let's see if we get some leather workers chiming in. I think we are getting closer.

  26. Lol that is ridiculous. I was a preschool teacher for a few years. I had 2 Jaxsons, a boy and girl. At one point I had a Haiden, Jacaiden, and Kayden. Know who got confused? Me 😂

  27. Mcintosh showed up methed out, but its ok, they holding and will sell you some

  28. So just want to share my experience with making friends. My husband and I had some friends, but they weren't great friends. He joined a fb motorcycle group. Made some friends there quickly. He got me to join. Now we have people over to the house who are real friends several times a year. We actually talk to them on the phone all the time. It's nice having real friends, friends you actually want around. We wouldn't have found these people if he hadn't joined this particular group. Just putting it out there that is one way to make some meaningful connections.

  29. By normal do you mean no fatty liver or just unchanged liver?

  30. Well... it's unchanged. The doctor said it was all normal enough at least.

  31. I had an aunt and uncle named Jean and Gene. Yes they were married

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