1. any1 remember Hyping Him Up after seeing his silhouette alongside the others. thinking He might be Tartarus's Superior..... I Did and Regret it. Great Design But damn his character was just a generic Brute. Great VA BTW

  2. but Z is just Trying to Summon Ronald Mcdonald at 3am

  3. My favorite absolutian in both Character and Design. you know shits About to go down when his eyes Glow

  4. I could imagine the beam being really similar to Dynas Solgent Beam in Which once it makes contact With the target it will show a Brief Shape before the target dies (For Dyna We see a Circle Appear before the Target gets Destroyed). I could the symbol being a Star

  5. Well, we literaly hear people call him most of these in the movie but he gets Shazam at the end in a lackluster way.

  6. wait wouldnt billy revert if he says his name? or does it follow new 52 rules

  7. basically in Order to Transform Billy Has to say Shazam! with the Intention of Transforming. For Example Billy can Say Shazam! all He wants but without Intention (or want/need) he wont Transform. But if He wants To Transform and say Shazam! he Could. Thats Why in New 52 He Could introduce himself As Shazam without Transforming back. PS he could also Use the word For Magical Spells (Power Transfer, Summoning a Ping Pong Table Out of No where, etc) also The 1st Shazam Movie was pretty Much based on his new 52 origin just with some changes

  8. juggler. I think Vergil vs Juggler would be a better matchup

  9. For some reason This Post Tripped me out using the app

  10. Awsome but He just needs to work on his Introductions.

  11. Movie May not've been good But I did enjoy the Costumes , Action scenes, and the score. honestly I think its best enjoyed with your brain turned off

  12. damn They did a peace sign instead of thumbs up for Dyna

  13. Awesome Happy Birthday To my Dads Hero (My Dad was a huge fan and had a ton Of Ultra Seven Merch eversince he was a Kid )

  14. i think I heard the company that made FE shut down after 0

  15. Emerium Slugger and Origin the First Are my Favorite Orb designs

  16. is the action better than the 1st movie and black adams?

  17. me and The Bois About to hit This Ultra Raid.....

  18. definitely and even their Colors would Match (Bonus points For Both Vergil and Agul being Swordsmen)

  19. Matching Personalities but Opposite Colors. Nice

  20. X is a Great Ultra show. (Bonus Points for Releasing on me and My Grandpas Birthday) Definitely my 4th Fav. (1. Z, 2. Decker, 3.Geed)

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