1. Haha this is definitely a determining factor. So all the new product was crisped and ready to go for me before the set, took me around 6 hours

  2. How crowded is it? Last time I went it took me an hour just to get out of the parking lot (I stayed till the end)

  3. Saw your description, I think the Han Solo Burger is Larry OG × GMO. You're definitely right about the Larry being a stinky OG. That one is always consistently stinky

  4. Yessir its a good one, SFV always super stinky too. The Bebesita Mints stunk up my whole car without even ripping the seal, first time thats happened in a long time

  5. This one is more GMO leaning than their #20. More of a putrid smell but not necessarily louder than the #20. Taste wise the #20 was much smoother. This one, (while I've never gotten a great taste out of GMO) was noticeabley not pleasant. Effects wise # 20 was better/stronger also. All in all if you want some 8" bagel from TruMed go with the 20 i think. The best I've gotten from them lately are Bebesita Mints and Super Miami, you'd be much happier with those

  6. You want some good ass wings I suggest ATL wings or Blazin Buffalo wings off Broadway. That spicy dry rub is 👌

  7. Same, dude had 0 kills all game, dropped in and had the aim of Ray Charles. Pooped out a win, but there is no honor pulling the helicopter move

  8. Nice. I got 16 on my first ever solo win lol. Been trying to break that though and so far i’ve been unlucky, I got 17 a couple days ago and 18 two days ago, I guess I get unlucky after breaking my pr. Hopefully I get 20+ though, multiple games where I could and should have but I either play a situation wrong or I die because the game is skill-less

  9. Hell yeah 16 is impressive. You're right though so many times been killed by some guy camping by himself in a weird corner somewhere

  10. I swear every time I get 6-8+ kills we’d lose. If there was ever a game we won I had 1 kill or 0 🤣. Nice job.

  11. Yeah this is my first high kill game with the win, usually my average kills for a win is like 6

  12. If you're bent on what to get on the TruMed menu, the Bebesita Mints stunk up my car in the unopened trumed baggie this morning. This batch is super good just like the last one 👍👍

  13. Damn I was up in Sedona when you sent this, I saw kush mints made a comeback as well but sold out in a day 🤦🏽‍♂️

  14. Kush mints had a weak smell i heard. The Bebesita is where its at might be my favorite along with Super Miami

  15. Ya Hemi was great. It didn't look amazing, but let me tell you the smell, taste, and overall smoke was outstanding. It was some good ass flower

  16. Nice. Anything with really strong tangerine/citrus terps always gets me high af. Enjoy!

  17. Seriously though, this recent update made crashing worse. Also, some of my guns I can't remove or change stickers or decals at all without creating a new loadout..

  18. I haven't experienced any crashing but I have noticed the sticker/decal bug

  19. You haven't had any crashing?Me and all my boys have been crashing alot after yesterday's update. We aren't on next gen consoles if that makes any difference

  20. I remember one time a few years ago a bud tender at SWC said "You gotta try the Puta Breath by Aeriz it's so fire".. It was literally poo poo

  21. I’m guilty of bringing this with me if I know we are going out for pizza. It’s a game changer.

  22. Great store! I'll have to check out this one.

  23. Frye's in Old Town has lately had a designated end cap featuring products from this company, I haven't been to the actual store but I plan too 👍👍

  24. Straight fire. Smells and tastes amazing and good potency. This smells how kush should smell. The new jars are locking those terps in real well.

  25. Is it fresh? I love this strain by them but last time around it was grind to dust dry. Hoping its better this time around I was thinking about buying

  26. As much as it didn't really bother me(besides the excessive emojis), this sub is about weed, not daily posts of dogs posing with weed

  27. Listen I love dogs.. Had mine since she was 10 weeks old, but I can see how others would find it annoying to see the same dog every day on this sub and dog paw emojis all over the place.

  28. Mannnn I tried it and was let down. It's got a nice mellow gas, but the buds just looks scraggly & leafy. My standards are exceptionally high though. I need that putrid stank that you can't stop smelling. I heard the Nightshade was good. Have you tried that one?

  29. Couldve just been the batch wasn't great. Haven't tried Nightshade but I heard that one smells great consistently

  30. Hell yeah, I don't normally smoke flower but I had some of the new GS stuff recently and the grape fritter was some of my favorite.

  31. I think the taste alone is enough for me to pick this up again, so good

  32. Its good, been a long time since I've had GS flower and this is good stuff. Love the new jars

  33. Before I saw the guillotine, my first thought was black gang bang

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