1. Deneric Prince is a UDFA who wasn’t particularly good in the AAC last year. He’s the same size and not as fast as Pacheco, not bigger and just as fast as you say. He also runs with an upright running style that saps almost all of his power. There’s no reason to think he’ll do much but sit on the bench barring major injuries, nor that he’d perform well if given carries.

  2. Yeah, after he was signed I looked up his film, and it's bad. Someone compiled videos of every play he made from each game his senior year, and you can go watch them if you want to feel miserable. He looked downright awful against Cincinnati, and his two breakout statistical games are because he was given the biggest holes you've ever seen in your life and was faster than the guys at Temple and South Florida. He was signed because of his crazy measurables, but those measurables don't translate to the field like they did with Pacheco the year prior.

  3. Kind of crazy that they couldn't get any team to take on his contract, but now all options are on the table for him.

  4. For those who are wondering, all this is based off a quote from Veach:

  5. David Montgomery. Swift is gone, Jamaal is gone, and Gibbs (as awesome as he is) is more of an air back, not a bellcow. Monty will feast running behind that line.

  6. I don't disagree with your points, but I also don't see how Gibbs doesn't get bellcow work with that kind of draft capital.

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