[DISC] Jujutsu Kaisen - Chapter 120

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  1. Bruh lost almost every fight here lmao. I cannot take this man seriously I’m sorry😂😂😂

  2. I am an OP fan, but yea, you don't need to be to recognize the clout Oda had and how him praising Gege is an honour.

  3. He’s the LeBron James of Manga artists so I could see why Oda is held in so high regard

  4. Does that make Toriyams the Michael Jordan?

  5. Easily. Lebron just has insane longevity and is the current face of the NBA which makes it fitting for Oda doing something similar.

  6. it's what makes his redemption worth it, that he has to work for it.

  7. What’s crazy is even now there’s still a 70% chance that he will be chasing after an impossible goal. Yeah he helped his son and stopped his rampage but the damage he’s done to his family is still otherworldly.

  8. Gave my boy a mini and did fuck all with it🤦🏾‍♂️

  9. People on here deadass believe he’s gonna be remembered as fondly as other reactionary protagonists like Giorno, Ichigo or Yusuke for example.

  10. It’s comparable to when someone like Lebron, Kobe or Jordan went out there and won games and championships while being injured or tired. Some people are just built different in their craft and Oda is definitely up there imo.

  11. The fact he’s canonically friendly to everyone makes him adorable to me. I’m sorry I just can’t hate him. He’s precious🤧😭

  12. Man, I loved this game...for about two whole months

  13. They added a ranked mode and I have never seen people so dangerous on a shooter before. That mode is straight up cheese😭😭😭

  14. gran torino is also a part of the guard that didn't try to reach to villains but simply removed them. the kids are new heroes who are empathising and understanding. what he said was juxtaposed with deku's conviction to save shigaraki and deku was proven right.

  15. Dabi has no eyeballs rn and he’s basically burned to all hell while kissing an arm to boot. Unless Eri plans on rewinding him after the war, he’s screwed regardless of whether he lives or dies

  16. I will never bet against this Miami heat team this year lmao. Absolutely insanity they even managed to get this far

  17. You a active member in a Trippie Redd sub , u should be banned from talking about music 😂😂😂

  18. All they gon hear is the 🔥 coming from my speakers

  19. They got technology that can filter through the noise to still hear your convos. Cops really got some crazy technology fr

  20. Niggas boutta hear me fucking up the lyrics every couple lines then 😂😂

  21. :) hello from the future future

  22. Mashiba and Sendo are fighting for world titles next let’s be fr😑

  23. Why read something you don't like for 2 years and keep on complaining? There are better things to do.

  24. People post so much of it on Twitter that I basically get spoiled on it all that way. Not much else to do when I’m in a lecture anyway

  25. Twitter is bad info for comics.

  26. Ok when he had these powers did he even attempt to find Heartless? The villain that’s been around for quite a while now killing people and stealing hearts?

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