1. Patrick mentioned this in the first episode - it’s because Apple heavily weighs new listeners and technically everyone who is listening is a new listener

  2. Zipper Down. I still don't really like that record at all.

  3. The first two songs on Zipper Down are great and then the album drives off a cliff

  4. June is gonna be a crazy month for entertainment. Street Fighter, Spider-man, the Flash, Diablo, FF16, Transformers, and Indiana Jones.

  5. I'm extremely excited for this game. When I was playing the server slam a few weeks ago the skill tree system clicked with me and I ashamedly preordered the game (mostly to be able to download it early since my internet download is sorta slow).

  6. I can’t believe how impressed I was by that first beta test (the shorter one). I went into that lukewarm (Blizzard Fatigue and lack of connection to the series in years) and came out absolutely amped to play this game.

  7. I’m 6 weeks post-up and I can have carbs in small quantities

  8. I did, that 10yr/100k coverage is valid for a certified pre-owned. I’m looking at one of those now and asking about that.

  9. That’s must be a dealer thing because all used even certified is less on the Warranty.

  10. I ate SO much Taco Bell the night before my 2 pre-op week liquid diet started

  11. Legitimately the most famous YouTuber around right now. His content is… fine, but him using TDH in his video means literally millions of people will hear it.

  12. One of the characters in Les Miserable went to jail for stealing a loaf of bread.

  13. Eh, I respect his opinion even if I disagree. I adore the album, but if it isn't his cup of tea I won't get angry about it. More of a 9 out of 10 for me personally.

  14. This is my opinion also. He even says in his review that some people will be into it but it’s not for him. People are taking this subjective review too personally.

  15. I don’t see many people talking about it, but I’m really excited for literally whatever Revenant Hill is. Night in the Woods is one of my favorite games of all time, Scott Benson rules and is hilarious on Twitter, and the dev company is a co-op which is so cool and good.

  16. I was a little sad they were so dismissive of it but I guess looking back it I guess it was mostly Alex who was into NITW and nobody who was on that Beastcast is still there. Scott's GOTY guest list where he talks about Kentucky Route Zero and the loss of his cat is still extremely good and worth reading (

  17. When the trailer came on and Dan said “is that that game where everyone talks like they’re from the internet” I got so annoyed.

  18. American here. My 3yo daughter is lately obsessed with toast with jelly and Star-shaped sprinkles. Don’t know where it came from and it’s terribly unhealthy, but as long as she’s eating 🤷🏻‍♂️

  19. Absolutely agree with O’Brother. Endless Light has that deep dark hopeless feeling that TMBTE hits occasionally, just stretched out over a whole album. Love Black Hole and I Am (Become Death)

  20. I really love Run The Jewels. Totally different vibe from Aes lyrically though.

  21. Finji is the publisher not the developer, but yes this game is made by the same people as NITW under a new company: The Glory Society.

  22. And it’s a worker co-op! Everyone owns the company equally and makes the same salary. So rad.

  23. It’s only of the only songs I’ve ever come across that does a great job of demonstrating how it feels to have a loved one who self-harms. It strikes a serious chord with me and I love it dearly.

  24. It’s only of the only songs I’ve ever come across that does a good job of demonstrating how it feels to have a loved one who self-harms. It strikes a serious chord with me and I love it dearly.

  25. Goddammit. The Slamma Jamma in multiple languages is maybe the hardest I’ve ever laughed at a podcast before.

  26. Tom is ambitious and obedient - a perfect CEO for Mattson

  27. I fuckin hope Tom wins. In a show where everyone is terrible I kinda like him the most.

  28. And he’s good at his job. This seasons we’ve seen fuck ups from both Roman (getting a huge head and firing everyone) and Shiv (backing Mattson without any kind of vetting of her own).

  29. I love it. I’m always faked out by the rhythm before the drums come in.

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